Rolling Stone (US)
July 13-27, 1989
Page 34

By S.R.

Easy Living With Cowboy Junkies

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT TORONTO, " says Margo Timmins, lead singer of the Cowboy Junkies, "is that although it has everything that makes a large city exciting, it's really clean and relatively safe. People aren't mean or pushy. It has that easy-living feel that I need."

During the summer, Margo likes to spend most of her time outside, but not, she says, playing sports. "The only exercise I get is riding my bike or walking. The best bike riding is on the lake front and on Toronto Island."

So where do the Cowboy Junkies go to cool off? "My parent's place," says Michael Timmins, Margo's older brother and founder of the Junkies. "They've got a pool."

"We all hang out at Mom's," says Margo. "I live downtown so it's like going to the country."

At least once a summer, though, Michael actually does go to the country. "If you drive an hour north of here, you're into some really beautiful countryside," he says, "so it's really easy to go camping."

Not surprisingly, the Junkies are enthusiastic about the local music scene. "There's an audience here that is willing to go out to a club and watch an unknown band," says Michael.

The band got it's start at a local club called the Rivoli. "They have a really open booking policy," he says. "They're not as mercenary as most clubs - they give everybody a chance."

For those who can't get out of town, Margo recommends a stroll down Queen Street. "It's where the clubs are, where the groovy clothes are and that sort of thing." she says. Michael opts for the outdoor music scene. "Down at the Horbor Front they set up stages, and people play there every weekend," he says. "There are local bands and big names. It's a really nice combination."

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