Other Bands who have covered Cowboy Junkie Songs:

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Now I Know - Milton Maples
Released 2005

Disc 2, Track 7 Now I Know

Appears on For A Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records. This is a collection of 42 new songs by various artists, released in 2005.

Britton Beisenherz - bass guitar
Cliff Brown, Jr - electic guitar
Jim Fredley - mandolin
Roberto Sanchez - drums
Greg Vanderpool - acoustic guitar, vocals
Produced by Milton Mapes
Recorded and mixed at Rambie Creek Studio, Pflugerville, TX


Picture to follow

A Common Disaster -
Oklahoma Bomb Squad
October 2004

Details to follow


Witches - Faith & Disease
Released 1996

Track 10 on Insularia is a cover of Witches,
written by Margo and Michael Timmins
and originally released on The Caution Horses.

Faith & Disease are a Seattle area band.
They have also released a live version of Witches
on "Live Songs: Third Body"

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