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Music for Lawn,
Lunch on Limbo

Promo Release 1996

Track 1. Angel Mine

PRO-CD-4904 Made in USA

New Folk Generation
K-Tel Collection
Released in 1996

Track 7. Sweet Jane 3.36

K-TEL 6143-2

Earth Day 1996

Released for Earth Day April 22, 1996

Track 8. Love's Still There 3:24

This song was not available on a studio release until Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes.

Available for purchase in HMV stores in Canada during 1996.

Bruce Springsteen Songbook

Released 1996

Track 10. State Trooper

Oh What A Feeling
A Vital Collection of Canadian Music
Released for the 25th Anniversary
of the Juno Awards in 1996

This is a 4 CD set, disc 1 features:

Track 18. Misguided Angel

Grooves volume thirteen
Released 1996

Track 11. Angel Mine

A collection of artists available at
Music Boulevard. There were web addresses
included on the CD which no longer exist.

There is a booklet with a brief story on each artists, the following is part of that story: Michael calls "Angel Mine" a "weird nod" to The Trinity Session's "Misguided Angel"; as in the earlier song, the narrator of "Angel Mine" protests the unreasonable demand for any sort of heavenly perfection in love - she'll settle for a love that involves only earthly passion and dedication.

Manufactured for Time-Life Music by
Sony Music Special Products

Modern Rock 1988
Hang the DJ
Released September 1996

Track 14. Sweet Jane

CMJ New Music
Volume 32
April 1996

Track 3. Speaking Confidentially

Not many bands make it to their 10th anniversary, and even fewer remain relevant at that age. The COWBOY JUNKIES manage to accomplish both with the release of their latest album, the stark Lay It Down (Geffen). "Speaking Confidentially" is a semi-funky track off the new album, propelled by Margo Timmins' haunting melodies and some perfectly eerie string arrangements. Production by John Keane (R.E.M., Indigo Girls) has also finally captured all the nuances of the band's unassuming live power.

Swag Volume 1
Promo Release 1996

Track 12. Lonely Sinking Feeling
Taken from Lay It Down

The song is incorrectly labeled on the CD as Lay It Down


Torch Songs
Unofficial Music of the
1996 Summer Games
Promo Release 1996

Track 2. Come Calling (His song) 3:34

Taken from Lay It Down

An otherwise completely forgettable collection.


Buy Products 2
Brief Encounters
Released 1996

Track 19. Speaking Confidentially

Critics are calling Lay It Down their best record since The Trinity Session's languidly seductive grooves launched them from the obscurity of their garage in Canada. Margo Timmins' vocals are "remarkable...ethereal and cool" (Rolling Stone) and Michael Timmins shows himself to be a "formidable musical poet" (The New Yorker)


Promo Only
Modern Rock March 96
Promo Release 1996

A promo only release
Warner Brother Records

Track 13. A Common Disaster

The Songs of Lou Reed
Released 1996

A promo only release
Warner Brother Records

Track 6. Sweet Jane 3:39


white roots
From American Folk to Country Rock
Released 1996

From the inside liner notes: ...while "Cause Cheap Is How I Feel" is typical of the Cowboy Junkies whimsical style and delicate patchwork of country, blues and folk.

Track 18. 'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel

BMG UK 74321 38295 2

Love is...
Reflections on Life and Love
Released 1995

Track 14. Anniversary Song

A terrible collection of schmaltz, 'featuring'
Dolly Parton, Air Supply and Rick Astley.

BMG Canada 74321-33409-2

Sounds of the 80's
Released 1995

Track 8. Sweet Jane

"Lead singer Margo Timmins delivered the words with a sleepy sensuousness that made Lou Reed's deadpan delivery on the original seem charged-up by comparison. And in its version of the song, the band restored - much to the Reed's delight - the missing "days of wine and roses" verse that had been crudely edited, without Reed's consent, from the Velvets' 1970 recording."

CBGB's 20th Anniversary
Not released in North America, scheduled for 1994

All songs on this album were live recorded during the CBGB's 20th anniversary celebration Dec. '93 - Jan. '94.

The top picture is a copy of a promo tape, the bottom pictures are from the CD.

I have an MP3 of this song available here.
courtesy of a very generous B-52's fan.

Cassette Side B, track 5,
CD Track 11:
'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel

Photo of Margo from inside the CD artwork.

BMG Australia CD 74321226062

Borrowed Tunes or
Out of the Blue
a tribute to Neil Young
Released in 1994

Track 15. Tired Eyes
Margo Timmins: Vocals
Michael Timmins: guitar
Jeff Bird: harmonica
Produced by: Michael Timmins
Engineered by: Jeff Bird
Recorded at Ty Tyfru, Guelph
Publishing: Silver Fiddle Music
Cowboy Junkies appear courtesy of RCA Records

This is available as 1 CD called Out of the Blue or as part of a 2 CD set called Borrowed Tunes, both CD's consist of Neil Young covers by Canadian Artists.

Profits are being donated to The Bridge School, located in San Francisco and the Safehaven Project for Community Living in Toronto.

the album network
CD Tune Up #111

Promo Release February 14, 1994

Track 9. Hard to Explain

The booklet contains the following:

It has been five years since Cowboy Junkies burst onto the alternative rock scene with their second offering, The Trinity Session. Three albums later, this Toronto band has hit its stride with Pale Sun, Crescent Moon, which has been a Top 3 smash at Adult Rock Radio. Guest guitarist Ken Myhr's energetic fret-board runs and Margo Timmins' dynamic vocal delivery make "Hard to Explain" appealing to Rock Radio as well.

Born to Choose
Released in 1993

Track 10. Lost My Driving Wheel 6:26
written by David Wiffen

Recorded at Grant Avenue Studios,
Hamilton, Ontario during the making of
The Caution Horses.

Also available on 'Studio', see the Greatest Hits page, the versions are identical.
Alan Anton -Bass
Margo Timmins - Vocals
Michael Timmins - Guitar
Peter Timmins - Drums
Jeff Bird - 8 string bass and Harmonica
Spencer Evans - Organ
Ken Myhr - Guitar


Spread the Jam
Promo Release December 1993

A 4 CD collection. Spread the Jam is a bi-monthly compilation that is dedicated to exposing new talent through in-store play.

Disc 1 Rock, Track 5. Ring on the Sill

Certain Damage
Released in November 1993

A 2 CD collection by The College Music Journal. Disc 2, Track 5. Floorboard Blues

When Margo Timmins opens her mouth to sing, it's as if all the weariness, suffering and pathos of the world were poised to come sighing out. "Floorboard Blues", the first single from the Cowboy Junkies new record Pale Sun, Crescent Moon, is another instant classic of sorrow and alienation, once again mining a spooky country-blues rock vein halfway between the blues of Robert Johnson and the tears of Patsy Cline.


Rubber Sole
Promo Cassette Only Release 1992

Side 1, Song 1: This Street, That Man,
This Life
from Black Eyed Man


It's Blues Vol III
Virgin Music Release 1992

Track 4. Me and the Devil

This is the studio version from
Whites Off Earth Now!!

Virgin 263149
Manufacured in Germany

The Best Mix Tape Ever!
BMG/RCA Promo Release 1992

Track 9. This Street, That Man, This Life

Despite the name, this is a promo CD.

This is a rare live version, only available elsewhere on Live!

BMG USA: RDJ 66092-2

Artist on the Move
BMG Promo Release 1992

Track 17. Horse In The Country

Cowboy Junkies "A Horse In The Country" from the fourth album "Black Eyed Man"

With the success of the first single and video to "Southern Rain", Cowboy Junkies is poised for another critically acclaimed album. "Black Eyed Man" has already surpassed gold status, debuting on the record's retail album chart at no.18*. "A Horse In The Country" is the second single from the album.


a tribute to the Grateful Dead
Released April 1991

Track 11. To Lay Me Down

Inside booklet photo by Chris Buck/Impact Visuals

Margo Timmins: Vocals
Michael Timmins: Guitar
Peter Timmins: Drums
Alan Anton: Bass
Jeff Bird: Harmonica and Mandolin
Kim Deschamps: Pedal Steel Guitar and Dobro
Jaro Czerwinec: Accordion

This song was only available here until it appeared on the Cowboy Junkies rarities CD in 1999.

A portion of proceeds went to the Rainforest Action Network and Cultural Survival.

Arista ARCD-8669

Q The Album
April 1991

A two album or 2 CD collection from Q Magazine

Disc 2, Track 16. Powderfinger


Spring Breakers
Promo Release 1989

Track 5. Misguided Angel 4:58
Track 6: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 5:24

A promo release featuring 2 songs from 5 different bands. The inside cover includes the following:

Since they formed two years ago, Cowboy Junkies' music has been referred to as "post-modern melancholy". The band pares their musical arrangements down to the essence of country, folk and blues, baring the song's soul and capturing the core of its meaning. Built around the ethereal, plaintive voice of Margo Timmins and the simple, accomplished guitar work of brother Michael, they draw their audience, as one listener puts it, "further and further into a hypnotic whirlpool of sound". Joining Margo and Michael in the band are brother Peter (drums) and lifelong friend Alan Anton (bass).

BMG Canada KCD1-7128

Re-stocking Time
Promo Release 1988

Track 12. Misguided Angel

A promotional CD from BMG Canada,
this CD also includes Samantha Fox,
Jeff Healey and the Breit Brothers.

BMG Canada KCD1-7126

It Came From Canada 4
Vinyl Released 1988 OG17

Although it was recorded the same day as the rest of the album, The Latent Records version of The Trinity Session did not include Blue Moon Revisited. The song was left out to ensure the record didn't run too long and reduce the quality of the vinyl.

Blue Moon Revisited first appeared as part of this collection, song 5 of side two, distributed by Og Records of Montreal.

When The Trinity Session was re-issued by RCA/BMG, Blue Moon Revisited was included.

From the back cover of the album: COWBOY JUNKIES have been described as 'like listening to molasses,' which is about right: slow, dark, sweet. They're also a bit psychedelic and strangely disturbing, unlike molasses. From Toronto. Margo Timmins, vocal; Michael Timmins, guitar; Alan Anton, bass; Peter Timmins, drums. Recorded at Trinity.

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