Jeff Bird's Solo Records and Other Appearances

(Photo: October 6, 2006 in Guelph, ON)

Jeff Bird is best known for his work with the Cowboy Junkies.
However Jeff has created some terrific music on his own and with others. Here's what I've found so far from 1999 to present. Jeff's work from 1998 and earlier can be found here. Visit his website at Jeff Bird.

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All That's Real - Gathering Sparks
Released September 2019

Gathering Sparks...is the graceful collision of musical friends Eve Goldberg and Jane Lewis

Produced by Jeff Bird

Jeff also plays Electric bass, lap steel, double bass, tambourine, triangle, ashbory bass, electric mandolin and garden rake

Borealis Records BCD259

The Heritage Hall Sessons - James Gordon
Released March 29, 2019

Featuring Jeff Bird , Tannis Slimmon, Ian Bell, Anne Lindsay and Katherine Wheatley

felix anima - Jeff Bird plays HILDEGARD of BINGEN
Released April 2018

For over 30 years I have been possessed by the glorious music of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). Yes that's right, she was around over 800 years ago. All great music is timeless. I have experimented with her music on earlier recordings but finally decided to devote a whole album to her work.

Hildegard first and foremost is a song writer. The phrasing and rhythm of her music is naturally guided by the words and the breath of the singer. Playing the harmonica and the shruti box at the same time allowed me to tap into those rhythms. The harmonica is all about breathing. The pumping of the shruti box bellows has it's own inherent breath. The vibration of the harmonica in my head and the thrumming of the shruti box against my chest combined with Hildegard's sublime melodies is truly a mind altering experience. Through these instrumental interpretations I was able to explore her music in a more abstract way using her phrases and lines as source material. This took me deep into her musical universe.

I augmented the tracks with the magical piano playing of my long time musical brother Witek Grabowiecki.

I also played electric mandolin, futujara, lap steel and music box.

Please enjoy my recording of the transcendent music of Hildegard of Bingen.

Bones & Secrets - Shannon Kingsbury
Released May 7, 2017

Produced by Jeff Bird, Ben Grossman and Shannon Kingsbury

Recorded by Nik Tjelios & Ben Grossman at The Monasterio and Jeff Bird at Ty Tyrfu, Guelph
Mixed by Nik Tjelios & Jeff Bird at the cottaGe, Guelph

Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova
Illustrations by Ryan Price, Design by Kathe Gray

Shannon Kingsbury

Wild Silence - Trio CaBiKi
Recorded at Silence in Guelph, ON August 2014
Released August 17, 2016

Featuring Dong-Won Kim, Jeff Cairns and Jeff Bird

This album was recorded in a live, improvised concert at Silence, Guelph Ontario Canada in 2014.

Recorded by: Ben Grossman
Mixed by: Jeff Cairns / Richard Gilbert at BigFish Studio, Japan
Mastered by Richard Gilbert at BigFish Studio, Japan

Now You Hear Me - Peppermoth
Released Spring 2016

Ambient music created by Andrew McPherson, the brains behind world music project Eccodek
This music is inspired by Debussy, Satie, Cocteau Twins, Eno, Daniel Lanois and Michael Brook
Created by Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew McPherson and featuring performances by
Gary Diggins (trumpet)
Jeff Bird (double bass, samples)
Kevin Breit (guitar loops)

This is an album of unhurried, meditative and spacious instrumental music - an unspoken narrative. Quiet music for loud times.

When Rivers Meet
Recorded November 29, 2014
Released October 2015

When Rivers Meet is a live recording of an improvised performance that took place on November 29, 2014 at the River Run Centre in Guelph, Ontario.
It featured the Guelph Symphony Orchestra conducted by Judith Yan; the Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble directed by Brent Rowan;
musicians Jeff Bird, Daniel Fischlin, and Lewis Melville; dancer Georgia Simms; and storyteller Ben Grossman.

Improviser-in-residence, Dong-Won Kim, the world-renowned Korean percussionist and traditional musician
who has played for years in Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, served as conceptor and Artistic Director of the project.

The fully bilingual (English/Korean) 2-CD recording was released in October 2015 by Barcode Free Music
and features large-scale group improvisations, traditional storytelling, intercultural musical forms, dance interludes, and even audience participation.

The Wind beneath The River - Kim Dong-Won
Kim Dong-Won's musical journey of improvisation
Released 2015

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Jeff Bird

Kim Dong-Won - janggo, vocals, kkwaenggwari, frame drum, buk, jings
Jeff Bird - double bass, octave mandolin, harmonica
Jeff Cairns - shakuhachi
Daniel Fischlin - electric guitar
Gary Diggins - flugelhorn, n' gone, vocals

Of - Scott Merritt
Released April 2015

Featuring Jeff Bird (upright bass)
Andy Magoffin (baritone Horne)
Scott (reed organ, vibraphone and tenor uke)

Scott Merritt

Rhythm and Entertainment - Jeff Bird
recordings 1983 to 2012
Released May 2014

A 2 CD collection of Jeff's varied works over 30 years - a great introduction to the many styles that Jeff has been a part of over the years.

Rhythm and Entertainment

Towards a Little Light - Ondine Chorus
Digital Album Released March 3, 2014

Produced by Jeff Bird, Sue Smith & Shannon Kingsbury
Recorded by Lewis Melville & Jeff Bird at TY TYRFU. Mastered by Jim Kissling.
Mixed at TY TYRFU by Jeff Bird and the cottaGe by Jeff Bird and Scott Merritt.
Cover Image: "Mother Winter III" by Jeanie Tomanek, used with permission.
Design: Andrew McPherson

ONDINE CHORUS is a Guelph-based vocal collective guided by Co-Artistic Directors Shannon Kingsbury and Sue Smith.
Members include David Beattie, Tricia Brubacher, Tannis Slimmon and Monique Vischschraper.
ONDINE performances include a mix of scored and improvised works
often in site specific and unusual venues and often in collaboration with artists across many disciplines

zenzen - Jeff Bird / Jeff Cairns
Released November 17, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Bird Tyrfu Guelph, ON 2010 and 2012

Jeff Bird: mandolin, octave mandolin, double bass, ashbory bass, tamborin melodique, riq, percussion, hulusi
Jeff Cairns: shakuhachi, percussion

zenzen - Bird/Cairns

Legion - The Potion Kings
Released September 2012

Recorded April 5, 6 & 7, 2011 at the Elora Legion

Jeff Bird: electric basses, harmonica, keys, vocals
Kevin Breit: electric guitar, electric mandolin, vocals
Randall Coryell: drums, percussion
Howie Soutwood: percussion
Gwen Swick: special guest vocals

Cover design Jeff Bird, Peter Timmins

Jeff Bird - Legion

Latent Recordings Latex CD38

Love Is A Superpower -Ben Rudnick & Friends
Released September 25, 2012

Jeff Bird:
harmonica, percussion, Ashbory bass on Wheels

Ben Rudnick & Friends

Borealis -Jeff Bird
Released February 2012

Recorded live at The Riverrun Center in Guelph, ON
February 19, 2010

Jeff Bird:
double bass, piano, harmonica, 8ve mandolin
Randall Coryell: drums and percussion
Jaro Czerwinec: accordion
Witek Grabowiecki: piano, accordion
Harri Palm: video manipulation and samples

The Wind That Shakes The Barley -Loreena McKennitt
Released November 16, 2010

Jeff Bird:
Mandola, Mandolin and Acoustic Bass

Loreena McKennitt

It's Santa Claus! -Ben Rudnick & Friends
Released November 2, 2010

In addition to It’s Santa Claus!, Ben and the band have recorded classic holiday tunes with the twists and turns evolved after playing holiday shows for nearly a decade.

Jeff Bird:

Ben Rudnick & Friends

35 Years of Bear Family Records 3 CD Box -Various Artists
Released August 2010

Track 68 is Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed by Jeff Bird, a song inspired by the Goldilocks story

For more information or to order the collection
visit Bear Family Records

Come In From The Cold - Ashley Condon
Released June 15, 2010

This is the follow up to the 2007 EP I've Got This Feeling.

Featuring Jeff Bird on bass, mandolin and harmonica.

Ashley Condon

Stars - Teresa Ennis
Released November 10, 2009

Includes several new original songs composed and/or co-written by Ennis as well as beautiful new interpretations of traditional material

Guest musicians include Boyd MacNeil of the Barra MacNeils, Jeff Bird of the Cowboy Junkies, Darren McMullen, Shannon Quinn, Glen Coolen, Rheo Rochon and producer Joel Hunt.

Teresa Ennis

G Y R E - Ian Tamblyn
Released November 2009

Produced by Scott Merritt and Ian at Cottage Studios in Guelph, Ontario, this CD features some of Canada’s finest players: Gary Craig, drums, George Koller, upright bass, Chris Whiteley, trumpet and harmonica, Jeff Bird, mandolin and harmonica, Fred Guignion, guitars, with Ian and Scott playing various instruments as well. This new collection of songs was recorded and mixed between January and June of 2009. GYRE was mastered by David Cain in Ottawa.

Landed - Katherine Wheatley
Released September 25, 2009

Featuring (in order of appearance): Scott Merritt, Lynn Miles, Katherine Wheatley, Suzie Vinnick, Lyle Molzan, Maury Lafoy, Dennis Keldie, Nick Crane, Jude Vadala, Tannis Slimmon, Jeff Bird, Nic Tjelios, Wendell Ferguson, David Travers-Smith, Chris Chanter and Shawna Cooper

Katherine Wheatley

A Frog Named Sam - Ben Rudnick & Friends
Released March 24, 2009

The brand-new collection of 12 upbeat and rootsy tunes will put a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

featuring JEFF BIRD - harmonica

For more information or to order a CD
visit Ben Rudnick & Friends

Tony Jeff & Hank
Released Late 2008

Recorded by Jeff Bird at Ty Tyrfu 1994

Produced by Jeff Bird & Tony Quarrington

Back in the last century, in the 1990's, I had the good fortune of a house gig that lasted for nine years. It was run by a fabulous singer, DOREEN SMITH and included a truly masterful jazz guitarist, TONY QUARRINGTON. Tony used to stay at my house every week and we often found ourselves in my little recording studio. Tony had the kooky notion of doing a duet album of HANK WILLIAMS songs performed on just bass and guitar. Almost every week we would sit down and lay down a few Hank tunes. One of them, RAMBLIN MAN, found it's way onto my record EVERYTHING IS COMING CLEAR AND PLAIN TO MY UNDERSTANDING. The rest lay fallow, until now. 14 years later but definitely not too late we present to you these playful and quirky renditions of some of Hank's biggest hits performed by two players at the top of their game.

JEFF BIRD double bass, percussion, lap steel
TONY QUARRINGTON electric guitar, lap steel, vocals

Dust Storm - Jeff Bird
Released Early September 2007

This is a live recording of an ensemble I put together for a show at Folkway Music in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Tony Quarrington is a brilliant jazz guitarist i have had the pleasure of working with for the last 25 yrs or so. (We were part of a house gig in Waterloo Ontario for nine years.) We know each others playing intimately. >Kevin Breit is a fiery virtuoso who I have just recently gotten to know. Another long lost brother methinks, and, of course, my first call drummer for such dangerous outings, Randall Coryell. No rehearsal, just show up and bring a couple of tunes each as a launching pad.

This is why i keep playing music. I love it !!! I think you will too.

JEFF BIRD ashbory bass, electric bass
KEVIN BREIT guitar, mandolin, guitoran

Space - Teresa Ennis
Released September 2007

Jeff plays bass, hamer bass, bowed bass, shaker, tamborine, harmonica, mandolin, chime, key-chimes

Long time member of the Ennis Sisters, this solo album by Teresa Ennis features covers of songs by Bruce Cockburn along side some new original songs.

Grace's Bell - Ben Rudnick & Friends
Released 2007

With their trademark mix of crackling energy, adventurous musicianship and warm humor, Ben Rudnick and Friends extoll the virtues of vowels, imagine a world enamored with tubas, and celebrate the spirit of a bicyle bell.

featuring JEFF BIRD - bodhran

For more information or to order a CD
visit Ben Rudnick & Friends

Rink -The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Jeff Bird
Released 2007

Music from the short film Rink, released in 2003 (see below)

Jeff Bird - double bass, harmonica, marimba, melodica
Witek Grabowiecki - piano and accordion
Jaro Czerwinec - Accordion

Produced and recorded by Jeff Bird at Ty Tyrfu
Mixed by Jeff Wolpert

I'm So - Sue Smith
Released May 2006

Piano and Vocals: Sue Smith
Produced by Sue Smith

Jeff Bird - mandolin, percussion, electric bass

A terrific set of original songs, jazz inspired but pop focused. Listen to previews and find out more at: Sue Smith

Yellowjacket - Stephen Fearing
Released 2006

Featuring many of the usual suspects including Colin Linden and Richard Bell

Jeff Bird - double bass

Available at Maplemusic.com

Black Mustard
- Stevens, Coryell & Bird
Released May 2005

mike stevens - harmonica
randall coryell - drums - percussion
jeff bird - 8 string bass - electric mandolin - double bass - harmonica - percussion

recorded live by lewis melville at black mustard guelph ontario march 2, 2001

part of the guelph jazz festival's three-tuesdays series

No Wicked for the Rest
- Nathan Sloniowski
Released Dec 2004

Jeff plays bass, madolin and harmonica.

Blast Off!
- Ben Rudnick and Friends
Released 2004

Jeff Bird plays harmonica, jaw harp, slide whistle, surto, tambourine

Also features Sue Smith on harmony vocal on Reading A Book and David G. Henry on Cello.

For more information or to order a CD
visit Ben Rudnick and Friends

Endomusia - James Gordon
Released 2004

Jeff Bird plays Mandolin on:

1. Small Town Prairie Gigs and
5. Carlyle Lake

Borealis Records BCD161

Rink - a documentary
by Jeff Bird
Released 2003

Produced and Directed by Jeff Bird.
Written by Robert Pennee

Filmed during the winter of 2000-2001 in Wolfond Park, Guelph Ontario

Music by:
Jeff Bird: harmonica, double bass, marimba
Jaro Czerwinec: accordian
Witek Grabowiecki: piano and accordian
Special guests: Gwen Swick, vocals
Larry Towell, bones

Music recorded by Jeff Bird at Ty Tyrfu

Tree - Tamarack
Released 2003

The lineup for Tamarack at this point is:
Alex Sinclair, Molly Kurvink and Shelley Coopersmith.

Jeff Bird is a special guest on bass and harmonica.

Tamarack has formed a partnership with Tree Canada - a non-profit foundation dedicated to the renewal of Canada's urban forest.


Group of Seven Suite
- Tony Quarrington and Friends
Released December 2002

The liner notes, written by Tony Quarrington, contain the following:

"About the sound effects: most of those heard during the tunes were produced, via physical devices, by my old friend Jeff Bird of the Cowboy Junkies. He brought a wild assortment of things to the sessions, and besides playing the mandolin, bowed psaltery, electric bass, shakuhachi flute, and a lot of percussion, provided the sounds of a hawk, a rather large bee, birds in a tree [the device for that one more or less resembles a rubber udder], rain, wind and many more."

Jeff is also credited with harmonica on the back cover

The Mennonites - Larry Towell
Released 2002

For more information on the CD or the book it is based on, please visit Larry Towell.

Some of the performers:
Larry Towell: readings, field recordings, bones, wind wand, second vocals, jaws harp, musical saw

Jeff Bird: double bass, overtone flute, piano, wind wand, goat hooves with marimba, seed pods

Gwen Swick: harmony vocals

Witold Grabowiecki: accordion, piano

Jaro Cerwinec: accordion

Sixty Second Songs -
Various Artists
Released July 2002

2 Cd's, 88 new songs

CD 2, track 15: Mamma's Baby, Papa's Maybe
by Jeff Bird and Joel Hunt

Jeff Bird - bass, harmonica, percussion, keys
Joel Hunt - fiddle, mandolin

The Buddhagrass Family Unit
Released 2002

Jeff Bird, Steve Byres, Pam Harrison, Joel Hunt, Eleanor Kure, Lewis Melville, Ken Morris, Steve Potter, Andrew Queen, Murray Ritchie, Marc Roy, Graeme Sheffield, Jason Sheffield, Tannis Slimmon, Mark Stutman, Chris Terhune, Nik Tjelios, Georgia Urban, Cam Werner, Buddy and Dwayne

Produced by Joel Hunt

Mood Food Music mfm131

The River Grand - Nonie Crete
Released 2002

All songs written and performed by Nonie Crete

Jeff Bird - Mandolin

Among the many other artists who played on this CD is Daisy DeBolt - backing vocals

SEA 20013

City of Music- Various Artists
Released 2002

Track 7: MuBlues - Jeff Bird Trio

Composed by Witek Grabowiecki
Witek Grabowiecki -piano
Randall Coryell - drums
Jeff Bird - double bass

Recorded by Nik Tjelios live at Manhattans some time in 2000, Produced by Jeff Bird

BSR 001

Deep Breathing - Jeff Bird
Released 2001

1. One 11:08
2. Two 9:26
3. Three 7:12
4. On a Ground 11:03

Jeff Bird, Witold Grabowiecki, Jaro Czerwinec

Recorded live by Nik Tjelios in Chalmer's
United Church as part of the Guelph Arts Festival
October 17, 1999

Oak Lake - Tannis Slimmon
Released 2001

A former member of The Bird Sisters (see below), this is Tannis' first solo effort. For more information visit www.tannis.ca

Jeff Bird played here on the following tracks:

2. Maisy Go Round: harmonica, tambourine, acoustic bass
7. A Miracle: hammer bass

This CD can be purchased from Maple Music

Love and Gold - Gwen Swick
Released 2001

A former member of Tamarack, Gwen Swick has another solo record from 1995 called A Pebble of Mercy

Jeff Bird played here on the following tracks:

3. All things can change: Octave mandolin,
percussion, keyboard

11. Middle of a hurricane: 8-string bass,
electric mandolin, percussion

The World is Only Air - Mike Stevens
Released 2001

10. Grumbling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman
(On Vacation in Jamaica)
traditional, Arr. Mike Stevens & Jeff Bird
Bass, B3: Jeff Bird
Produced by: Jeff Bird and Mike Stevens

You can find out more at Mike Stevens Music.

Work Songs - Various Artists
Released 2001

3 Cd's: Disc C, Track 3
Push the Cursor Button on the Right

Jeff Bird - vocals, keys, percussion, bass, overtone, bass

Yesterday Hotel - Dave Teichroeb
Released 2001

Jeff Bird plays bass, harmonica & fiddle. Also features Lewis Melville and Tannis Slimmon

For more information visit:

Dave's Records of Guelph (yes, it's that Dave)

Cover painting by Greg Denton

DROG 072

Gypsy Wild and the Open Road- Brian denHertog
Released 2001

Jeff Bird plays electric bass and upright bass, this CD also features Willie P. Bennett

the detour Home- Scott Merritt
Released 2001

Jeff Bird played various instruments on this CD. Scott has been a fixture in local music for years, generally behinds the scenes as a producer, but here Scott takes charge of his own music.

For more information visit:

Scott Merritt

I Scare Myself - Dark Monkey
Released 2000 or later

Recorded live at Carden Street Cafe and Riverview in 2000 (Guelph, ON)

Featuring Jeff Bird, Riki Gee, Randall Coryell and Tony Quarrington

Dog Tales -Dave Teichroeb
Released 2000

Featuring Jeff Bird on bass


DROG 056

November Moon - Nick Craine
Released 2000

Nick is a member of Black Cabbage (look down the list) and this is his first (and so far only) solo effort.

Jeff Bird: Mandolin, hammer bass, percussion, door opening, rythm stick & triangle

Also featuring Lewis Melville & Tannis Slimmon, also available at Maple Music

DROG Canadian Recordings
1996-99 - Various Artists
Released 2000

Track 16: Little Hooves from Jeff's CD
Everything is Coming Clear

This CD also contains songs by Lewis Melville
and Riki Gee.


Emily Songs
- Ben Rudnick & Friends
Released 2000

A CD of children's songs featuring
Jeff Bird on Harmonica, cymbal, tambourine, shakers, bells, wood blocks, cowbells, jaw harp, guiro, key chime, glockenspiel, bird chirps, handclaps, triangle, assorted chaos

For more information or to order a CD
visit Ben Rudnick and Friends

Notes From Home - Doreen Smith
Released Fall 1999

Jeff Bird plays bass on most of the tracks.

Doreen Smith handles all vocals, Tony Quarrington played guitar, wrote or co-wrote song of the songs and produced the CD.

Cover art by Doreen Smith

Illegally - Corduroy Leda
Released 1999

Featuring Jeff Bird on Theremin (track 2 - 80 Bucks)
Bass (track 7 - Shut Down)
and Harmonica (track 10 - Shortest Distance)

Corduroy Leda are:
Tammy Grime, Jenn Scott, Jen Curtis, JP Bertuola,
Amy Bourns and Tany Hobbs

Swan Music 2195-00901-2

50-Odd Dollars
- Fred Eaglesmith
Released 1999

Featuring Jeff Bird on Fiddle (track 1 - Blue Tick Hound)
and Theremin (track 8 - Steel Guitar)

Produced by Scott Merritt, this CD also features Kim Deschamps on various guitars and Richard Bell on Hammond Organ.

Music for Peace - Various Artists
Released 1999

CD 1 (Volume 1)
Track 6. Bird/Grabowiecke/Czerwinec -
My Heart Bleeds for You Kosovo

34 new songs about peace on 2 CD's
written and recorded by over 100 musicians
during May of 1999.

Other songs include those by Tannis Slimmon,
James Gordon and Lewis Melville.

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