Kim Deschamps Discography

Kim Deschamps played on the Cowboy Junkie CD's The Trinity Session and The Caution Horses. He went on to spend time as a member of Blue Rodeo, and to release a solo blues album. Kim has also appeared on a number of other artist's songs. He has a terrific discography on his site, here is a partial list.

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The Days In Between
- Blue Rodeo
Released 2000

Kim was a member of Blue Rodeo for 7 years, ending after the making of this record.

Kim Deschamps: Pedal Steel Guitar,
Greenfield Hawaiian Guitar

Just Like A Vacation ( 2 CD's)
- Blue Rodeo
Released 2000

A double CD of some of Blue Rodeo's best material, recorded live on tour.

Kim Deschamps: Pedal and Lap Steel, Dobro,
Guitar and Mandolin

Take Me Away - Kim Deschamps
Released 1998

Produced by Scott Merritt and Kim Deschamps

1. Take Me Away
2. Love & War
3. I Gotta Know
4. For The Moment
5. Night Crossing
6. Loser Explains
7. My Best Advice
8. The Mirror
9. Driving' in the Moonlight
10. Take Easy, Make Nice
11. Twenty Some Years
12. The Border

Empire Hotel - The Waltons
Released 1998

Kim Deschamps - pedal steel guitar
on track 5: Glorious Old Shame

This CD also features Lewis Melville

Stunt - Barenaked Ladies
Released 1998

Although it was not included in the credits,
Kim played on the bonus track "The Long Way Home"

Tremelo - Blue Rodeo
Released 1997

Kim Deschamps: Pedal and Lap Steel,
Banjo, Bottleneck Guitar

The Sweet Hereafter Soundtrack
Released 1997

Kim plays pedal steel guitar and acoustic guitar
as part of the "Sam Dent Band" in the movie.

Nowhere To Here - Blue Rodeo
Released 1995

Kim Deschamps: Pedal and Lap Steel, Dobro

Wolfsong Night - Clement/Deschamps
Released 1994

Tim Clement's previous releases include A Gradual Awakening, Summerland and Another Sun, all in collaboration with Mychael Danna.

Kim Deschamps took part in Tim's solo release Waterstation, and was a member of Blue Rodeo when this CD was recorded.

Jaro Czerwinec plays accordian on
tracks 2. Waterline and 7. Angels

Emotional Rain - Lee Aaron
Released 1994

Kim Deschamps plays Mandolin on:
track 6. Raggedy Jane.

Hipchic Music Inc. 78871 7000-2

Wild At Heart - Jack de Keyzer
Released 1994

Kim Deschamps: Lap Steel Gonzo Guitar.


Five Days In July - Blue Rodeo
Released 1993

Kim Deschamps: Pedal and Lap Steel, Mandolin, Banjo

Lost Together - Blue Rodeo
Released 1992

Kim was a guest musican on this CD and joined
the band for their next CD, Five Days in July.

Kim Deschamps: Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Slide Guitar

Lik My Trakter - The Waltons
Released 1992

Kim Deschamps: lap steel, mandolin,
bottleneck steel guitar

CD91951 wea

Songs with the Ornamental Hermits - John Bottomley
Released 1992

John Bottomley started out on Latent Records.

Kim played Lap Steel on track 6: Harold

This CD also features Richard Bell who played
piano and organ on Pale Sun, Crescent Moon.

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