In March 1981 in Toronto, Alan Anton (guitar), Geoff Railton (drums), Michael Timmins (guitar) and English born Liza Dawson-Whisker (vocals) formed the band Hunger Project. In the first six months of its existence, Hunger Project proceeded to develop a strong following in Toronto and Southern Ontario solely on the strength of their live performances - which included supporting England's A Certain Ratio and John Cooper Clarke and New York's Bush Tetras, Bad Brains and Fleshtones.

In September of the same year Hunger Project moved to New York City where they quickly established themselves in the New York underground. After eight months in New York the band once again pulled up stakes and headed across the United States on an 8,000 mile, four month tour. The tour eventually landed them in London where the group disbanded after three months.

From the remnants of Hunger Project, Germinal was formed. Initially Germinal was a trio consisting of Alan Anton (bass), Geoff Railton (drums) and Michael Timmins (guitar). The new unit quickly set to work at developing a sound different from the one which Hunger Project had produced. At the same time they teamed up with graphic artist Brett Wickens (at that time assistant to Peter Saville) and set up their own record label – Latent Recordings. The result of the bands search for a new sound and their collaboration with Brett Wickens was Latent Recordings first release, in August 1983, entitled Germinal (Latex 1) – a sixty minute chrome cassette of improvised music revolutionarily packaged by Peter Saville Associates.

One year later Germinal had added a fourth member, Richard O’Callaghan (soprano and tenor saxophone), and progressed from the rock influenced improvisations of GERMINAL to the more jazz oriented sound of their second LP – DIN (Latex 2).

DIN is an improvisation recorded in real time on a PCM F1 digital stereo recorder. It is free-amplified-music.


Latent Recordings third release will be a single by the band Hunger Project recorded in March 1982. It is due to be released on November 15th."

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