To Love Is To Bury

Margo & Michael Timmins

3/4 time

Intro on verse

I [G] buried him down by the [Am] river
'Cause [C] that's where he liked [G] to be
And [G] every night when the [Am] moon is high
I [C] go there and weep [G] openly
[D] He and I [Am] were married
By this [C] river 'neath this willow [G] tree
And with [D] God and friends [Am] witnessing it
He [Cmaj7] pledged his [Am7] life to [G] me

To [G] me he was [Am] Earth
And I [C] rooted in his [G] soil
[G] I to he was [Am] Sky vast and free
Of the [C] burdens from which he [G] toiled
[D] Then one night a [Am] terrible fight
Words [C] spoken better left [G] unsaid
With his [D] wedding vows ringing [Am] in my ears
[Cmaj7] He gave his [Am7] life to [G] me

Instrumental on verse

They [G] say to love is to [Am] bury
Those [C] demons from which we all [G] hide
But [D] tonight by this river 'neath this [Am] willow tree
Becoming [Cmaj7] one of [Am7] Earth and [G] Sky

[G] [Am] [C] [G] [G] [Am] [C] [G]
Da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da da

[D] [Am] [C] [G] [D] [Am] [Cmaj7] [Am7] [G]
Da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da da

Tabbed by Andrew Fung (
bbkim's note: I revised Andrew's original tab posted to OLGA to the point where I am happy with this transcription.


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