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Released May 2001

1. i did it all for you
2. dragging hooks (river song trilogy: part III)
3. bread and wine
4. upon still waters
5. dark hole again
6. thousand year prayer
7. i'm so open
8. small swift birds
9. beneath the gate
10. close my eyes

Rarites, B-Sides and Slow Sad Waltzes
Released June 1999

1. I Saw Your Shoes
2. Five Room Love Story
3. Sad To See The Season Go
4. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Bob Dylan)
5. Love's Still There
6. To Lay Me Down
7. A Few Simple Words
8. River Waltz
9. Leaving Normal
10. The Water Is Wide (Traditional)
11 Unlisted Track - My Father's House (Bruce Springsteen)

Miles From Our Home

Released June 30, 1998

1. New Dawn Coming
2. Blue Guitar
3. Miles From Our Home
4. Good Friday
5. Darkling Days
6. Hollow As A Bone
7. Someone Out There
8. The Summer Of Discontent
9. No Birds Today
10. Those Final Feet
10 Hiden Track - At the end of the Rainbow

Lay It Down
Released February 27, 1996

1. Something more besides you
2. A common disaster
3. Lay it down
4. Hold on to me
5. Come calling (his song)
6. Just want to see
6. Just want to see (ver. 2)
7. Lonely sinking feeling
8. Angel mine
9. Bea's song (River Song Trilogy: part II)
10. Musical key
11. Speaking confidentially
12. Come calling (her song)
13. Now I know

Pale Sun, Crescent Moon
Released November 23, 1993

1. Crescent Moon
2. First Recollection
3. Ring on the Sill
4. Anniversary Song
5. White Sail
6. Seven Years
7. Pale Sun
8. The Post
9. Cold Tea Blues
10. Hard to Explain (Ray Agee)
11. Hunted
12. Floorboard Blues

black eyed man
Released February 11, 1992

1. Southern Rain
2. Oregon Hill
3. This Street, That Man, This Life
4. A Horse in the Country
5. If you were the Woman and I was the Man
6. Murder, Tonight, In the Trailer Park
7. Black Eyed Man
8. Winter's Song
9. The Last Spike
10. Cowboy Junkies Lament
11. Townes' Blues
12. To Live is to Fly (Townes Van Zandt)

the caution horses
Released March 13, 1990
Recorded December 1989

1. Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
2. 'Cause Cheap is How I Feel
3. Thirty Summers
4. Mariner's Song
5. Powderfinger (Neil Young)
6. Rock and Bird
7. Witches
8. Where are you Tonight?
9. Escape is so Simple
10. You Will be Loved Again (Mary Margaret O'Hara)

The Trinity Session
RCA Released November 15, 1988
Latent Released early 1988

1. Mining for Gold (Traditional: Arranged by James Gordon)
2. Misguided Angel (Margo and Michael Timmins)
3. Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
4. I Don't Get It (Margo and Michael Timmins)
5. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
6. To Love is to Bury (Margo and Michael Timmins)
7. 200 More Miles
8. Dreaming My Dreams with You (Allen Reynolds)
9. Working on a Building (Traditional: Arranged by the Cowboy Junkies)
10. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
10. Sweet Jane - Bass Line (Lou Reed)
11. Postcard Blues (Michael Timmins)
12. Walking After Midnight (A. Block/D. Hecht)


Hot Burrito #1
Hollow as a Bone (Revisited)
House on the Horizon
In the Long Run
Lost My Driving Wheel
Tired Eyes
The Water is Wide

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