Cowboy Junkies Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the name Cowboy Junkies mean?

Nothing. They just made it up. They wanted something memorable to bring attention to the band.

2. When did the band start?

The Cowboy Junkies were formed in the summer of 1985. Their first live show was Nov 7, 1985 in Toronto at the Beverley Tavern.

3. Who’s in the band?

The Cowboy Junkies has always been Margo Timmins, her brothers Michael and Peter and long-time family friend Alan Anton. Jeff Bird has been playing with the band since 1987 and is the 5th Junkie. For more detail on everyone who has played on a CD check out my band bio page.

4. Will the Cowboy Junkies be touring soon?

Official Tour Dates are listed here.
Another good choice is to sign up for the official mailing list by click on the mailing list tab from the main tab. The band will send you an e-mail if they are playing close to your home.

5. Where can I buy their CD’s?

To support the band you should make purchases from the Junk Store or now that we're in the 21st Century you can buy and download from Latent Recordings.

6. I’m new to the band. Which CD should I buy first?

I would suggest a copy of Waltz Across America. It's a live CD with a great selection of songs. For a quiet, acoustic sound start with The Trinity Session. Do NOT buy the Greatest Hits or the Gold & Platinum collections, which the band did not want released. They have asked fans not to buy those CDs.

7. Do you have any Cowboy Junkies MP3’s?

No. If you like their music please support the band by purchasing from Latent Recordings.

8. Is this the official Cowboy Junkies site?

No - here's the Official Cowboy Junkies Site.

This is an unofficial site put together to provide additional information on my favorite band. I have never made a penny from this site and I never will. I’m just a fan with too many CD's. Since I'm pretty new to the band, you may know something about them that I don't. If that's the case drop me a note and let me know what is missing or wrong and I'll fix it up.

9. What CD has the River Song Trilogy?

None, although it is available in order on the DVD. Michael wrote the Trilogy for Lay It Down, but only part 2 made it on the CD. So the 3 parts were released on separate CD's and not in the original order. The band has performed the trilogy in order during live performances consisting of:
River Waltz - Part I from Rarities, B-Sides and Slow Sad Waltzes - released June 1999
Bea's Song - Part II from Lay It Down - released February 1996
Dragging Hooks - Part III from Open - released May 2001

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