Band History

Jan 27/23After being delayed several times due to COVID 19, the band arrives for a tour of New Zealand and Australia.
Sep 30/22Sharon is released on vinyl for the first time, a ‘lost’ album that was recorded with many of the songs that became The Caution Horses. This is a limited pressing which also includes an 8-page booklet containing liner notes by Dave Bowler (author of the band’s biography Music Is The Drug) and never before seen session photos by Chris Buck. Mastered for vinyl by Peter Moore.
Mar 25/22Songs of the Recollection is released, an album of cover songs. Four of the nine songs had been previously released. After a very slow touring schedule the past 2 years due to COVID 19 restrictions, the band hits the road extensively in 2022.
Dec 06/20Andy Maize & Michael Timmins release an “audioplay” called Townies, available by download or streaming.
Nov 11/20An authorized biography named Music is the Drug is released. Written by Dave Bowler. The initial book order includes a limited edition live CD also named Music is the Drug
Aug 19/20Open is released on vinyl for the first time (Would Waste Records from Denmark). Upon Still Waters is dropped from the vinyl due to the space limitations of vinyl
Apr 11/20The latest studio record Ghosts is released for streaming and download only. A vinyl record is expected to follow and for the first time the plan is for no CD release.
Apr 08/20The first Junkies show cancelled due to COVID-19 was to be in Vancouver, B.C. and is rescheduled for October 2020. This too was rescheduled as were all remaining shows for 2020.
Jul 13/18All That Reckoning is released and the bands tours throughout 2018 and 2019.
Fall 2017The band hits the road again, debuting new songs from the upcoming new album All That Reckoning.
Mar 2017The Cowboy Junkies host a 4 show residency at the Monarch Tavern in Toronto featuring Latent Recording artists The Skydiggers, Lee Harvey Osmond, Jerry Ledger and HarpAcash & The Morals
All 2016Michael Timmins continues his work as a producer for artists such as The Skydiggers, HarpAcash & The Morals and Andrea Romolo amongst others
Oct 2015A 4-CD box set Notes Falling Slow is released containing remastered versions of Open, One Soul Now and At The End of Paths Taken. It also contains a fourth CD of newly released material.
Nov 22 & 23, 2013The Kennedy Suite is performed live in Toronto on Nov 22 and 23, 2013 at the Winter Garden Theatre
Nov 12/13The Kennedy Suite is released under the name Cowboy Junkies, but only 1 of the songs is performed by the band.
Mar 27/12The Wilderness is released, Volume 4 of the Nomad Series.
Feb 23/12After a year with very few live shows, the bands kicks off a tour in Itaca, NY.
Oct 18/11Sing In My Meadow is released, the third album in the last 18 months, Volume 3 of the Nomad Series
Jun 05/11The bands plays a music festival in Beijing, China, an opportunity few Western artists have had.
Dec 13/10Demons is available for download at Latent Recordings, the album of Vic Chestnutt cover songs has an official release date of January 18,2011
Apr 15/10Renmin Park is released on Latent Recordings, an album of songs inspired by Michael Timmins’ (and his family) time spent in China
Jul 2009Latent Recordings is revamped and includes the first ever solo record by Margo Timmins, entitled ‘Ty Tyrfu Sessions, Volume 1’, recorded in Guelph by Jeff Bird.
Mar 28/09The band appeared with The Louisville Symphony, playing 11 songs with the Symphony.
Mar 2009A new album by Tom Wilson, under the name Lee Harvey Osmond, is released. It contains the Michael Timmins penned Angels In The Wilderness and features all the Junkies on the CD (and a couple of Skydiggers).
Feb 23/08The Trinity Session was played in order at a nearly sold-to Massey Hall in Toronto. Jaro and Jeff were with the band, Ryan Adams was planned to play as well, but was sick and unable to make it.
Oct 16/07Trinity Revisited is released, a live CD/DVD combo recorded Nov 4, 2006.
Jun 23 & 24, 2007The band appears with the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall
06/09/07Garth Hudson from The Band played several songs with the Junkies in Woodstock, NY
Apr 17/07Latent Recordings website is launched by the band, initially featuring the new CD At The End of Paths Taken along with several rare and previously unreleased tracks.
Apr 10/07At The End of Paths Taken is released in Europe, April 17th in North America.
Early 2007Whites Off Earth Now!!, the bands first album, was re-released on SACD with a never before released surround sound mix. Vinyl is expected to follow.
Nov 11-14 , 2006The bands plays on a train from Toronto to Vancouver along with Fred Eaglesmith, The Skydiggers, Over The Rhine & Blackie & The Rodeo Kings. The entire Trinity Session is played in order for the first time.
Nov 04 /06Natalie Merchant, Ryan Adams and Vic Chestnutt join the band at the Church of the Holy Trinity to record a DVD to be released in 2007 for the 20th anniversary of the original recording. For Alan Anton it was the first time he’d been in the church since the original recording 19 years earlier.
Oct 07 /06A new book entitled XX is released. It features pictures and lyrics from the Cowboy Junkies and water colours created by Enrique Martinez Celaya
Apr 07 /06Pete returns behind the kit and the band plays 4 new songs expected to be part of the next CD. There are very few live dates in 2006 as they work on the material for the upcoming CD.
Mar 24 /06Margo performs with the Potion Kings in Elora, ON – marking her first true solo appearance after 20 years fronting the Junkies.
02/11/06Pete is unable to play due to a bad back and so long time friend of Jeff’s Randall Coryell sits in with the Junkies for the first time.
02/01/06Mike, Margo, Jeff and Jaro play Carnegie Hall in New York for the first time, as part of a tribute to Joni Mitchell. The band plays ‘River’ from Blue.
Spring 2005Long Journey Home, a double DVD is released in Europe, with a North American release in August 2005.
May 06/05Early 21st Century Blues is released today exclusively through their website, with a retail release to follow.
Mar 31,2005Margo and Michael appear on stage in Toronto with brother John Timmins for the first time since he left the band 20 years ago. John plays guitar for all four songs. Included is Misguided Angel which is the first time he’s performed the classic song before a live audience. John joins the band for the 2005 tour.
Feb 2005John joins the band in their rehearsal space and songs are collected and recorded for the upcoming release Early 21st Century Blues.
May 31/04One Soul Now, the band’s ninth full studio album is released. A bonus EP entitled ‘neath your covers part 1 is included. In addition a CD-ROM called ‘anatomy of a album’ is available through the website, providing rare draft versions and analysis of the songs on this new CD. The band tours again and sound better than ever live.
2003The songs for One Soul Now are put together in The Clubhouse – the band’s rehearsal space. For the first time no outside help is used recording the music.
Oct 27/03In The Time Before Llamas is released, a terrific collection of songs recorded in 1990 and 1992 in London
Mar 2003Most of the songs from the upcoming album, One Soul Now, are debuted live during a mini-tour of Ontario
Jun 25/02Open Road DVD/CD combination is released documenting the tour of the past year. A wide variety of performances are shown, included an acoustic set with just Michael and Margo for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
Summer 2002Maplemusic One is released which includes the Junkies version of ‘Carmelita’ and songs by many talented but lesser known artists (at the time) like Ron Sexsmith, Sam Roberts, Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer.
May 2001Open is released, the first studio album since 1998 and an extensive tour follows.
10/17/00Live in Toronto is recorded in Toronto and later released on VHS.
Oct 2000Waltz Across America is released – arguable the best Junkies album ever. It captures the brilliance of the live shows.
1999 through 2000The 7 piece band ( 4 + Karin, Linford & Jeff) tour across America and really hit their stride. Shows are recorded for an upcoming live album.
Jun 1999Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes is released on Latent Records.
Fall 1998Margo and Michael consider quitting, but realize they still love the music, just not the record business. A plan is started to re-launch Latent Records and a web site to get the music directly to the fans.
Aug 23-29, 1998The Cowboy Junkies are asked to take part in Lilith Fair. They play 5 shows and a live version of Miles From Our Home makes the CD Lilith Fair Volume 2.
Jul 11/98Junkies perform with Karin Berquist and Linford Detweiler from Over the Rhine for the first time. A strong bond is formed and the pair tour with the band for several years and appear on Waltz Across America, Open and Open Road.
Jun 30/98Miles From Our Home is released, but at the same time the record company is going through a merger and the album in not properly promoted or distributed.
Fall 1997After recording the tracks, songs are re-recorded and mixed at Abbey Road studios in London
Spring 1997The songs for the upcoming album Miles From Our Home are written at Maiden’s Mill.
Oct 19/96Michael, Margo, Jeff and Jaro perform at Neil Young’s 10th annual Bridge School Benefit concert
Feb 27/96The band’s sixth studio album and first for Geffen, Lay It Down, is released and becomes the best selling album for the band since The Trinity Session on the strength of the single A Common Disaster.
1995After contributing to the music of Guelph and Canada for years, Jeff Bird releases his first solo record, self-titled.
Oct 10/95Double live CD ‘200 more miles’ is released to complete the contract with RCA and the band signs with Geffen.
June/July 1995Lay It Down is recorded in Athens, Georgia
1994Sweet Jane appears on the radio frequently again as it is featured in the hit movie Natural Born Killers.
Jul 12/94Margo sings ‘O Canada’ at the Baseball all-star game
Nov 23/93The band’s fifth album, Pale Sun, Crescent Moon, is released
Spring 1993Ken Myhr, who had toured with band, plays lead guitar during the recording of Pale Sun, Crescent Moon in Toronto
Feb 11/92The band’s fourth album, Black Eyed Man, is released
Late 1991Black Eyed Man is recorded at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton.
1991Kim Deschamps leaves the band and subsequently joins Blue Rodeo.
1990Townes Van Zandt tours with the Cowboy Junkies
Jun 1990The band appears on The Tonight Show for the first time
Mar 19/90The Caution Horses is released
Dec 1989The Sharon songs (along with a few new tunes) are re-recorded at Eastern Sound in Toronto, becoming The Caution Horses
Apr 1989The band’s third album, Sharon, is recorded at the Sharon Temple just north of Toronto. The decision is made later in the year to re-record the record and ultimately the Sharon Sessions are not released – although the songs become available many years later through the band’s website.
Feb 18/89The band appears on Saturday Night Live
Feb 09/89Rolling Stone review The Trinity Session and gives the CD 4 stars.
1989Jeff Bird, Jaro Czerwinec and Kim Deschamps join the band as they tour the world virtually non-stop for the next year.
Nov 15/88The Trinity Session is re-released on RCA records. Two additional songs (Blue Moon Revisited and Working on a Building) recorded at the original session are added to this release
Summer 1988After discussions with several labels, the Cowboy Junkies are signed by RCA
Early 1988The Trinity Session is released on Latent Records & immediately gathers attention from fans & critics.
Nov 27/87Trinity Session recorded around a single microphone with Peter Moore. This is the most famous and most written about day in the band’s history. It’s worth noting that Mining for Gold was actually recorded several days later when Margo and Peter Moore returned to the church during a lunch break for the rehearsing Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
1987The 4 members of the band tour the Southern U.S. and the songs and theme of the next album starts to take shape.
Fall 1986Whites Off Earth Now!! Is released on the band’s own Latent Records
Jun 28/86Whites Off Earth Now!! is recorded by Peter Moore in the garage where the band practiced. This is the first recording with Peter’s Calrec Ambisonic microphone. A version of Sweet Jane is recorded but left off the record.
Early 1986John Timmins leaves the band and moves to Montreal
Nov 07/85The band’s first live show is performed at the Beverley Tavern in Toronto. Bad Boy from this show appears on the double live CD ‘200 more miles’.
Summer 1985Michael, John, Pete and Margo Timmins along with Alan Anton form the Cowboy Junkies
1983Tamarack release their second album, “A Pleasant Gale”. John Timmins buys it and it becomes a favorite in the Timmins’ home, played frequently by Margo. It contains versions of Coast Of Peru and Mining For Gold (later used by the Junkies to open The Trinity Session)
1982-84Michael and Al move to London and form Germinal, a band that never performed live. In 1985 the band breaks up and Michael and Al returned to Toronto.
May 1982Michael Timmins and Alan Anton record 2 songs in Toronto as part of Hunger Project. The 7″ single is released on Latent Records in 1984
1981Jeff Bird co-founds a band in Guelph called Tamarack.
Mar 1981The Hunger Project are formed in Toronto. The band includes Michael Timmins and Alan Anton
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