Jaro and Others

Dronehead- Jaro Czerwinec
Released 2004

Music for Brainwave Elongation Modulation and Relaxation

Serendipity – GypsyGrass
Released 2003

Jaro Czerwinec plays accordion and appears on the cover.

Sweet Eastern Wind – GypsyGrass
Released 2003

Jaro Czerwinec plays accordion

Bittersweet Harmony – Skydiggers
Released 2003

Jaroslaw Nick Chervinec – Accordion (1,3)

Coke Machine Glow – Gordon Downie
Released 2001

Gordon Downie was the lead singer of the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip.

Jaro Czerwinec plays accordion on:
1. Starpainters
10. Lofty Pines
Wolfsong Night – Clement/Deschamps
Released 1994

Jaro Czerwinec plays accordion on:
2. Waterline
7. Angels

Tell Your Friends There’s Friends Around – The Corndogs
Released 1990

All tracks produced by Peter Moore and Michael Timmins

Special Guest: Jaro Czerwinec, accordion on
Third from the Star and Good Night’s Sleep

Captured live under The Marquee in Toronto, Canada on April 9, 1989

Latent Records Latex – CD6

Soulstalking – Daisy DeBolt
Released 1993

Jaro is credited as Jaroslav Czerwinec – accordion

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