Cowboy Junkies songs in the movies and on soundtracks

Released 2016

Featuring an acoustic version of Something More Besides You during the end of the closing credits

Original Music by Michael Timmins

My Father and The Man In Black
NXNE Film Festival in Toronto June 2012
DVD released October 2013

Featuring part of Cuckoo’s Nest and Devil’s Load by Lee Harvey Osmond

Staring Man plays during the closing credits

Original Music by Michael Timmins

Due Date
Released November 2010
DVD released 2011

Sweet Jane is on the soundtrack which is available on CD and via download.
Silver City
Released Fall 2004
DVD released Jan 2005

Mining for Gold plays during the opening credits, part of Misguided Angel plays in the background while the private eye is talking on the phone and part of Blue Moon (Revisited) plays towards the end of the movie while he is having a drink at a bar.

Wilby Wonderful
Released Fall 2004

Composer: Michael Timmins
Original Score Recorded at THE CLUBHOUSE
Engineered and Produced by Michael Timmins
Performed by Michael Timmins (guitar, percussion, xylophone)
Jeff Bird (harmonica, mandolin, octamando)
Jaro Czerwinec (accordion)
Richard Bell (piano)
Edited by Peter J. Moore at the E ROOM

DVD released in 2005, there are no Cowboy Junkie songs in the movie.
The Good Girl
Released 2002

Starring Jennifer Aniston. The trailer promoting the movie features Sweet Jane

This movie is available on VHS and DVD and a soundtrack was not released. The song does not appear during the movie and is not listed in the credits. On the DVD Sweet Jane plays when you load the movie before picking “Play”.
Suspicious River
Released 2002

Canadian film starring Molly Parker and directed by Lynne Stopkewich.

The closing credits feature Draggin’ Hooks from Open. This movie is available on VHS and DVD in Canada, there is no soundtrack.
Lost and Delirious
Released 2001

Features River Waltz from the Rarities CD. There is no soundtrack release for this movie.
Shot In The Heart
HBO Movie from 2001, released on DVD 2004

The movie features the opening bars from I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry following the execution (sorry if I gave away the plot). The song is cut off before Margo starts to sing. This HBO movie was later releases on VHS and DVD.

There is also a promo CD (shown here) featuring I’m So Lonesome and My Father’s House by Bruce Springsteen which appearing in the movie over the closing credits.
Over Canada: An Aerial Adventure
Released 1999

Track 11 White Sail 3:45

This is a movie, available on both DVD and VHS, which shows Canada from coast to coast from an aerial view with Canadian music playing throughout. The first few minutes of White Sail appear near the end of this 55 minute movie.

The music is available on CD (as shown here) and there is also a coffee table book.
Niagara, Niagara
Released 1998

Original Score by Michael Timmins with Jeff Bird

Track 4. Something More Besides You 4:15
Track 6. Niagara Theme 2:40 Performed by Michael Timmins
Track 12. At a Crossroads 1:29 Performed by Michael Timmins
Released 1998

Track 13. Hold on to Me 3:21
Dante’s Peak
Released 1997

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton

Features Blue Moon (Revisited) in the movie during a scene in a bar, the song is played quietly in the background.

There is a soundtrack released for this movie, but it did not include Blue Moon Revisited.
The Boys Club
Released 1997 – VHS Only

Canadian film shot in Georgetown, Ontario
Staring Chris Penn and Devon Sawa. The closing credits include: Musical Score Produced, Arranged and Performed by Michael Timmins and Jeff Bird
Drums by Peter Timmins

Songs during the film include those by 54.40, The Tragically Hip and Crash Vegas, The Killjoys, Moist, Bif Naked and Motorhead.

The soundtrack was never released on CD or cassette, although the closing credits indicated that it would be available on Unforscene Music.

Hotel de Love
Released 1997
Track 6. Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis) 4:26

The first minute of Blue Moon Revisited is featured very early in the movie during a love scene. The soundtrack is available and is shown here. The movie has been released on VHS.
The Tarantino Connection
Released 1996

A Collection of songs from movies made by
Quentin Tarantino including interviews with Quentin.

Track 13. Sweet Jane 3:32

Sweet Jane is featured in Natural Born Killers. On that soundtrack their is dialogue over the beginning of Sweet Jane, that dialogue does not appear here.

The Truth about Cats & Dogs
Released 1996

Track 4. Angel Mine 4:00

Angel Mine plays in the background as Uma Thurman leaves a message on Janeane Garofalo phone, near the end of the movie.
The Sadness of Sex
Promo Release 1995

Track 5.  Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Among the most rare Cowboy Junkie items, this promo only CD contains Let Me Call You Sweetheart which has not been released elsewhere. The movie itself is not available on VHS or DVD.
Canadian Film Released 1995

The song House on the Horizon was nominated for Achievement in Music – Original Score in the 17th Annual Genie Awards (Canadian Film). The awards were handed out on November 27, 1996

The movie was released on VHS, no soundtrack was ever released.

Original Score produced, arranged and
performed by Michael Timmins and Jeff Bird.
Recorded at Ty Tyrfu, Guelph, Ontario

House on the Horizon appears during the closing credits.
South of Wawa
Canadian Film Released 1994

Opening Credits
Original Score by Jeff Bird
Vocals by Margo Timmins
Early in the movie the radio is playing in the background in Donut World. The announcer introduces the Cowboy Junkies and A Horse In The Country plays very quietly in the background. Later in the movie in a bar, the first part of Where Are You Tonight? plays. During the closing credits Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning plays.

Closing Credits
Music Producer Alan Anton
Leader Jeff Bird

The movie also features songs by Pat Temple, Mary Margaret O’Hara, John Bottomley & The Corndogs
The River Wild
Released 1994

Track 1. The Water is Wide (Traditional) 3:10
Produced by Michael Timmins
Track 10. Family Reunion (End Title) 5:47
contains an edited version of The Water is Wide.

There is also a promo single featuring in the ‘Singles’ section. This version is not available elsewhere, there is a different version on the Rarities CD.

Natural Born Killers
Released 1994

Track 5. Sweet Jane 3:22

The beginning of this song ‘features’ Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis with dialogue from the movie.
Flesh and Bone
Released November 1993

Track 12: Blue Moon Revisited 4:28

Meg Ryan finds Blue Moon Revisited on the radio in a hotel room while talking to Dennis Quaid. By the time the song is over, they are doing a lot more than talking.

The soundtrack is available on CD as shown.
Untamed Heart
Released 1993

Early in the movie Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei exchange a glance in the diner and then Marisa starts to walk home. During this section Blue Moon Revisited plays in the background.

Cadillac Girls
Released 1993 – VHS Only

Canadian film starring Jennifer Dale,
Gregory Harrison and Mia Kirshner.

About 3/4 of the way through the film features If you were the Woman and I was the Man during a love scene between 2 of the main characters. This soundtrack was never released.

Prelude to a Kiss
Released 1992

Track 5. Sweet Jane 3:36

Sweet Jane appears in the first third of the movie, in the background, while Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin discuss their families and getting married.
Pump Up the Volume
Released August 1990

Track 10. Me and the Devil Blues 5:34

Written by Robert Johnson
Produced by Peter Moore and Michael Timmins. This version is not available elsewhere and was recorded live in the studio during The Caution Horses recordings.
Canadian Film Released 1989

Contains 200 more miles and
To Love is to Bury.

Filmed in Northern Ontario, available on VHS, I haven’t found a copy of the soundtrack on CD.

Black and White, 85 minutes
Gross Anatomy
Released 1989

Contains Blue Moon (Revisited) which was featured prominently during a bar scene.

Starring Matthew Modin, available on
both VHS and DVD

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