Solo Appearances

Michael, Margo and Peter Timmins and Alan Anton’s work outside of the Cowboy Junkies

Nothing Pressing – Jerry Ledger
Released March 18, 2022

Produced by Michael Timmins

Latex Recordings
Improvisations From The Between Time – Michael Timmins
Released May 28, 2021

Townies – Andy Maize and Michael Timmins
Released December 6, 2020

Lyrics by Andy Maize, Music by Michael Timmins
Vocals and trumpet by Andy Maize. Guitar, bass and loops by Michael Timmins. Piano by Michael Boguski

Produced by Michael Timmins and Andy Maize
Recorded and Mixed by Michael Timmins at The Hangar

Available as a download or streaming only
Time Out For Tomorrow – Jerry Leger
Released November 8, 2019

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Michael Timmins

LatexCD58, LatexLP58
Let’s Get Friendship Right – Skydiggers
Released October 4, 2019

Questions of Love recorded by Dave Draves and Michael Timmins

Paper Ships – Kete Bowers
Released August 9, 2019

Paper Ships was recorded in Toronto, Canada in September 2018 at The Cowboy Junkies Studio “The Hanger” produced by Michael Timmins and mastered by Peter J Moore. All songs written by Kete Bowers.

Kete Bowers : Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Tom Juhas : Electric Guitar
Aron Goldstein : Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro Guitar
Michael Johnston : Piano, Organ
Josh Finlayson : Bass Guitar
Peter Timmins : Drums
Mohawk – Lee Harvey Osmond
Released January 25, 2019

Produced by Michael Timmins
Includes a cover of the Cowboy Junkies 1996 hit A Common Disaster

Latent Recordings LatexCD57

Warmth of the Sun – Skydiggers
Released October 20, 2017

Produced by Michael Timmins

Latent Recordings LatexCD53 / LP53
A Short History of Decay – John Murry
Released July 14, 2017

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Michael Timmins
Pete Timmins on drums

Latent Recordings LatexCD52

Nonsense and Heartache – Jerry Leger
Released March 31, 2017

Produced by Michael Timmins

2 CD’s: Latent Recordings LatexCD51
NUDA – Andrea Romolo
Released January 2017

Andrea Ramolo is one half of Canadian folk-pop duo Scarlett Jane. Cool, dark, understated and melancholy, the alternative-folk album produced by Michael Timmins — a man who knows about melancholy and understated has a companion version of the same songs without a full band.

Michael Timmins plays rhythm guitar on You’re Everywhere
Alan Anton plays mopho keys

Printed and pressed at Precision Record Pressing ARM002

Lamps – HarpAcash & The Morals
Released September 23, 2016

In July of 2014 the band opened a couple of shows for the Cowboy Junkies.
After hearing the band perform live, Cowboy Junkies’ founder and veteran producer Michael Timmins produced their first full length album

Latent Recordings LatexCD50 / LP50
Here Without You – Skydiggers
Released May 13, 2016

An album of songs written by Gene Clark, famously of The Byrds
Produced by Michael Timmins

Latent Recordings LatexCD49
Songs Like Tattoos – Nick Craine
Released April 15, 2015

Nick Craine’s second solo album of cover songs features a beautiful duet with Margo Timmins on Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love

The album also includes noted musicians Jeff Bird, Colin Linden and Kevin Breit

Beautiful Scars – Lee Harvey Osmond
Released April 7, 2015

The third album by Tom Wilson under the name Lee Harvey Osmond
Produced by Michael Timmins

Latent Recordings LatexCD47

Dominionated – Various Canadian Artists
Free Download released early 2014

Cowboy Junkies’ Michael Timmins helped produce three of the covers (Jerry Leger’s take on Neil Young’s “Wonderin”; Ivy Mairi’s version of “Dear Darling” by Mary Margaret O’Hara; and Lee Harvey Osmond’s interpretation of Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet”) and contributes a cover of John Bottomley’s “The Ballad of Jacob Peck” as timmins&Blood.

Early Riser – Jerry Ledger
Released April 23, 2014

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Michael Timmins
At The Hangar, Toronto, Canada

Latent Recordings LatexCD45

The Good Family Album – The Good Family
Released March 2013

Mixed by Michael Timmins

Latent Recordings LatexCD39

The Folk Sinner – Lee Harvey Osmond
Released January 15, 2013

Margo Timmins – Vocals on Deep Water
Michael Timmins – Producer

Latent Recordings LatexCD37

No Talker – Ivy Mairi
Released September 2011

Michael Timmins – Electric guitar on Kenyatta
Produced, recorded and mixed by Michael Timmins at The Clubhouse

Latent Recordings LatexCD32

Trail of Smoke – Cootes Leland
Released August 2011

Cootes Leland is Hamilton’s Tim Gibbons.
Featuring Michael Timmins on guitar

Latent Recordings LatexCD30

The Foundling – Mary Gauthier
Released May 2010

Produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Timmins.
Featuring Michael Timmins on acoustic and slide guitar and Margo Timmins on background vocals. Also features Jaro Czerwinec on accordion

Razor & Tie 79301 83099-2

amchitka -Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Phil Och
Released 2009

A very special 2 CD set, produced by John Timmins, featuring the 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace. The performances and recording here are absolutely amazing. A must have for fans of folk music or music at all for that matter.
“Unlike many recordings of benefit concerts that would have been wonderful to attend, but which lose something when heard at home, the 2 CD set is a delight to listen to from the beginning to end.” – No Depression

Ty Tyrfu Sessions, Volume 1 – Margo Timmins
Released Jun 24 2009, Re-released Feb 19 2021

Digital Only

1. I’d Have You Anytime (George Harrison)
2. Father & Son (Cat Stevens)
3. If I Should Fall Behind
4. Dance Me To The End of Love (Leonard Cohen)
5. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob Dylan)
6. One Day I Walk (Bruce Cockburn)
7. Things We Said Today (Lennon/McCartney)
8. Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan)
9. Walkin On a Wire (Richard Thompson)
10. Side Of the Road (Lucinda Williams)

A Quiet Evil – Lee Harvey Osmond
Released March 2009

Lee Harvey Osmond is: Ray Farrugia – Drums
Josh Finlayson – Bass, Acoustic guitar
Aaron Goldstein – Pedal Steel
Andy Maize – Vocals
Margo Timmins – Vocals
Michael Timmins – Guitars
Tom Wilson – Guitars, Vocals
Brent Titcomb – Percussion, Harmonica

also with Alan Anton, Colin Cripps, Sean Dean, Kevin Fox, Darcy Hepner, Colin Linden, Jessie O’Brien, Peter Timmins, Suzie Vinnick.
Produced, recorded & mixed by Michael Timmins, co-produced by Josh Finlayson & Tom Wilson

Latent Recordings LatexCD24

In the Nickelodeon – Barbara Lynch
Released October 2008

John Timmins on vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar, harmonica, slide blues guitar, slide guitar, percussion, spoons
Low Pining – Monahans
Released June 2007

Margo Timmins provides harmony vocals on the Monahans song “When You’re Down”.

The Monahans include Milton Mapes who opened for the Junkies in 2006.
Milton has also recorded a cover of the Cowboy Junkies “Now I Know”

Well You – Ivy Mairi
Released April 2007

Produced, recorded and mixed by Michael Timmins
Featuring performances by Michael TimminsPeter Timmins and Jeff Bird

Latent Recordings LATExCD21

Songpoet – John Bottomley
Released Spring 2007

Featuring Alan Anton on bass

Crane / Bag Recordings

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends
Released on DVD August 2006

A full length movie based on the Canadian TV show. The movie features Margo Timmins singing “You Are Much Richer Than You Think” and the bonus features show Margo in the studio recording the song.

Lyrics by Steven Sullivan
Music composed by Jeff Dana
Something Is Expected – Theresa Sokyrka
Released August 2006

Several songs feature:
Michael Timmins – electric guitar
Jeff Bird – bass
Randall Coryell – drums
Produced by Michael Timmins

8. river bend also includes: Jaro Czerwinec – Accordion
Dark Hollow – Finlayson – Maize
Released Spring 2006

Featuring: Jeff Bird – bass
Peter Timmins – drums
Lewis Melville – dobro, pedal steel

Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Timmins, Mastered by Peter Moore

Can’t Stop Thinking About Christmas – Universal Honey
Released 2003

Track 5, Shine A Light On The World features Peter Timmins on drums.

Other guest artists on the CD include Jim Cuddy, Kim Mitchell, Andy Maize
and Dave Bidini.

Fun and Games
Ben Rudnick and Friends
Released June 2002

A wonderful children’s record featuring Jeff Bird throughout the CD
and Margo Timmins on the lullaby “Everything Is Alright”

Films for Radio – Over the Rhine
Released 2001

Michael Timmins
 plays Electric Guitar on Track 11. When I Go 6:25
Mining For Gold – James Gordon
Released August 2000

2 CD’s, Track 19. Mining For Gold 5:09
Margo Timmins solo for the first 1:26, then accompanied by James Gordon.

The following is from the liner notes:
My first “original historical song”. I owe a lot to the Cowboy Junkies for its endurance. I based it on a traditional British Columbia ballad called “Taku Miners” collected by Phil Thomas in his great book “Songs of the Pacific North West”. Tamarack recorded it in 1983 on our “Pleasant Gale” album, and I think it was the first time an original song appeared on our otherwise traditional recordings. When Jeff Bird left the band in 1988 he joined the Cowboy Junkies, and he brought this song with him. Margo Timmins’ haunting version of it on the Junkies’ famous “Trinity Sessions” album made it a hit, and I have to say that it’s paid a lot of bills for me! …. This version features the two of us singing the whole thing together, which was a thrill for me. Recorded live at Tamarack’s 15th anniversary concert (see below).
Borealis Recording Company BCD129
Sign of Truth – Tish Hinojosa
Released June 2000

From the liner notes: “Extra-special friends: Sara Hickman and Margo Timmons, backing vocals. No details of which tracks the vocals were provided. The last name spelling is incorrect as I have show above.
444 – Charlie Major
Released March 2000

Margo Timmins
 provides vocals on:
Track 8: Like Our Love 3:58
Track 10: Oh Sister 3:47
Like Our Love is a duet and on Oh Sister Margo provide harmonies. Margo Timmins recorded by Bob Cobban at Studio 306, assisted by Jen Lord and Jeff Wright

Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu – Bruce Cockburn
Released 1999

Margo Timmins provides vocals on:
Track 2. Mango 5:00
Track 7. Blueberry Hill 4:58

Mango written by Bruce Cockburn, Blueberry Hill written by Al Lewis, Vincent Rose and Larry Stock. Margo Timmins appears courtesy of Absolutely no-one.
Between Us – Jules Shear
Released 1998

Track 14: sealed up hollow 4:36
Duet with Margo Timmins
Picnic – Robert Earl Keen
Released April 1997

Margo Timmins
 provides vocals on the following:
Track 1. Undone
Track 2. Over the Waterfall
Track 7. The Coming Home of the Son and Brother
Track 10. Then Came Lo Mein

This CD was recorded and mixed by John Keane who played on Lay It Down

Industrial Lullaby – Stephen Fearing
Released 1997

Track 8. Dog on a Chain 3:33

Harmony Vocals by Margo Timmins
The 15th Anniversary Concert
Released 1994

Track 11. Mining for Gold – James Gordon with Margo Timmins
Recorded live at the War Memorial Hall, Guelph, ON on Sep 24, 1993

Produced by Jeff Bird and James Gordon
Art direction by David Houghton
All profits were donated to the Ontario Lung Association.

SGB Records SGB 25
A John Prine Christmas
Released November 1993

Track 4. If You Were the Woman, and I was the Man

This album contains the same version of this song as the Cowboy Junkies Live!

Any Road – Randy Bachman
Released 1992

Margo Timmins provides background vocals
on the slow version of Prairie Town which also features Neil Young.

Margo recorded at Vancouver Studios, Burnaby B.C. Margo also appeared in the video for the slow version, the band is shown in black and white and the photos from the back cover of the CD (shown on the left) are from the video. The video is available as a bonus feature on Randy Bachman’s DVD “Every Song Tells a Story”

Margo maybe in the background mix of the ‘fast’ version of Prairie Town but I haven’t been able to confirm this and I can’t hear it in the mix.
Neptune – The Northern Pikes
Released 1992

Margo Timmins sings on
4. Worlds Away 4:19
10. Chain of Flowers 5:11

Margo is featured prominently on Worlds Away as part of a duet, in Chain of Flowers she sings backup.
Great Big Boy
Leo Kottke
Released 1991

Margo Timmins provides vocals on track 5. Pepe Hush 

She’s No Game – Lionel Lodge
Released 1991

Recorded by Peter Moore in Dave’s Wearhouse with one Calrec Microphone
Dave Allen: Violin & Mandolin, Jaro Czerwinec: Accordian, Greg Clark: Electric Guitar, Kate Fenner: Backing Vocals, Erich Fox: Acoustic Guitar, Pat Gilmour: Electric & Slide Guitar, Colin Linden: Electric & Slide Guitar, Brodie Lodge: Percussion, Lionel Lodge: Vocals & P.Bass, Peter Moore: Harmonica, Pat Temple: Fretless Bass & Backing vocals, Pete Timmins: Drums

What the Hell is Going on?
The Corndogs
Released 1991

All tracks produced by Peter Moore and Michael Timmins
Margo Timmins on track 3 Fly Away 4:42

Released on Latent Recordings Latex CD9
Distributed by BMG Music Canada Inc. 
Tell Your Friends There’s Friends Around – The Corndogs
Released 1990

All tracks produced by Peter Moore and Michael Timmins
Special Guest: Jaro Czerwinec, accordion on Third from the Star and Good Night’s Sleep
Captured live under The Marquee in Toronto, Canada on April 9, 1989

Released on Latent Recordings Latex-CD6
Distributed by BMG Music Canada Inc
Recorded April 1984

Before the Cowboy Junkies, Michael Timmins and Alan Anton were in Germinal. They had a cassette only release called Germinal 1 and an album called Din (shown here) which was recorded in London, England in April 1984.

Germinal never performed live. Inside the album jacket was a typewritten letter, reproduced here which provides some additional information on both Germinal and Hunger Project.

Hunger Project
Released 1984
Recorded May 1982

Earlier still Michael and Alan were in a band called Hunger Project, which did play live. They released a 33 7″ single after the band had broken up. It’s worth noting that Alan Anton played guitar and there was no bass player.

Here’s the text from side 1:This: The Same Inside. Other: Assembly
Recorded in Toronto May 1982
Alan Anton Guitar
Liza Dawson-Whisker Vocal
Geoff Railton Drums
Michael Timmins Guitar
A Latent Recording
C 1982 Paz Junk Publishing
P 1984 Latent Recording
Typography: Wickens 4CamouflageLatent Recordings Latex 3
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