Jeff Bird 1981-2001

Deep Breathing – Jeff Bird
Released 2001

1. One 11:08
2. Two 9:26
3. Three 7:12
4. On a Ground 11:03

Jeff Bird, Witold Grabowiecki, Jaro Czerwinec
Recorded live by Nik Tjelios in Chalmer’s United Church as part of the Guelph Arts Festival
October 17, 1999

Oak Lake – Tannis Slimmon
Released 2001

A former member of The Bird Sisters (see below), this is Tannis’ first solo effort. For more information visit

Jeff Bird played here on the following tracks:
2. Maisy Go Round: harmonica, tambourine, acoustic bass
7. A Miracle: hammer bass
Love and Gold – Gwen Swick
Released 2001

A former member of Tamarack, Gwen Swick has another solo record from 1995 called A Pebble of Mercy

Jeff Bird played here on the following tracks:
3. All things can change: Octave mandolin,
percussion, keyboard
11. Middle of a hurricane: 8-string bass,
electric mandolin, percussion
The World is Only Air – Mike Stevens
Released 2001

10. Grumbling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman
(On Vacation in Jamaica)
traditional, Arr. Mike Stevens & Jeff Bird
Bass, B3: Jeff Bird
Produced by: Jeff Bird and Mike Stevens
Work Songs – Various Artists

Released 2001

3 Cd’s: Disc C, Track 3
Push the Cursor Button on the Right

Jeff Bird – vocals, keys, percussion, bass, overtone, bass
Yesterday Motel – Dave Teichroeb
Released 2001

Jeff Bird plays bass, harmonica & fiddle. Also features Lewis Melville and Tannis Slimmon

Cover painting by Greg Denton
DROG 072
Gypsy Wild and the Open Road- Brian denHertog
Released 2001

Jeff Bird plays electric bass and upright bass, this CD also features Willie P. Bennett
the detour Home- Scott Merritt
Released 2001

Jeff Bird played various instruments on this CD. Scott has been a fixture in local music for years, generally behinds the scenes as a producer, but here Scott takes charge of his own music.
I Scare Myself – Dark Monkey
Released 2000 or later

Recorded live at Carden Street Cafe and Riverview in 2000 (Guelph, ON)
Featuring Jeff Bird, Riki Gee, Randall Coryell and Tony Quarrington

November Moon – Nick Craine
Released 2000

Nick is a member of Black Cabbage (look down the list) and this is his first (and so far only) solo effort.

Jeff Bird: Mandolin, hammer bass, percussion, door opening, rythm stick & triangle
Also featuring Lewis Melville & Tannis Slimmon
DROG Canadian Recordings
1996-99 – Various Artists
Released 2000

Track 16: Little Hooves from Jeff’s CD
Everything is Coming Clear

This CD also contains songs by Lewis Melville
and Riki Gee.

Emily Songs
– Ben Rudnick & Friends

Released 2000

A CD of children’s songs featuring
Jeff Bird on Harmonica, cymbal, tambourine, shakers, bells, wood blocks, cowbells, jaw harp, guiro, key chime, glockenspiel, bird chirps, handclaps, triangle, assorted chaos

For more information or to order a CD
Notes From Home – Doreen Smith

Released Fall 1999

Jeff Bird plays bass on most of the tracks.

Doreen Smith handles all vocals, Tony Quarrington played guitar, wrote or co-wrote song of the songs and produced the CD.

Cover art by Doreen Smith
Illegally – Corduroy Leda
Released 1999

Featuring Jeff Bird on Theremin (track 2 – 80 Bucks)
Bass (track 7 – Shut Down)
and Harmonica (track 10 – Shortest Distance)

Corduroy Leda are:
Tammy Grime, Jenn Scott, Jen Curtis, JP Bertuola,
Amy Bourns and Tany Hobbs

Swan Music 2195-00901-2
50-Odd Dollars – Fred Eaglesmith
Released 1999

Featuring Jeff Bird on Fiddle (track 1 – Blue Tick Hound)
and Theremin (track 8 – Steel Guitar)

Produced by Scott Merritt, this CD also features Kim Deschamps on various guitars and Richard Bell on Hammond Organ.
Music for Peace – Various Artists
Released 1999

CD 1 (Volume 1)
Track 6. Bird/Grabowiecke/Czerwinec –
My Heart Bleeds for You Kosovo

34 new songs about peace on 2 CD’s
written and recorded by over 100 musicians
during May of 1999.

Other songs include those by Tannis Slimmon,
James Gordon and Lewis Melville.
Live at the Oasis Lounge – Jeff Bird
Released 1998

1. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (Duke Ellington)
2. Beautiful Love (Victory Young)
3. Flamenco Sketches (Miles Davis)
4. Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Mercer)
5. Angel Eyes (Dennis/Brent)
6. Night and Day (Cole Porter)

Recorded live at the oasis lounge
Waterloo, Ontario, February 21, 1998

Witold Grabowiecki: piano
Randall Coryell: drums
Jeff Bird: Double Bass
Dog Tales – Dave Teichroeb
Released 1998

Jeff plays bass on this record. Also featuring Lewis Melville, Dave Clark, Tannis Slimmon and Riki Gee

DROG 056

Blankets of Snow – Tamarack
Released 1998

5. Shave The Bear (Jeff Bird 1988)
14. Unto Us a Boy Is Born (from Piae Cantiones, 1582)
arr. Jeff Bird

Jeff plays the following on the CD: mandolin, octave mandolin, violin,
electric and double bass, glockenspiel, jingle bells
Recorded live in concert at The River Run Centre,
Guelph, Ontario on December 4, 5 & 6, 1997

Manufactured by SGB Productions SGB31

Hiding Out in Limbo – Dennis Gomo
Release Date Unlisted

Produced by Dennis Gomo and Jeff Bird, the players on the CD are:
Dennis Gomo: guitar, vocals, rack-harmonica, dobro
Chirs Dahmer: accordian
Vince Maccarone: congas, djembe, percussion
Jeff Bird: percussion

Art Direction and Painting by Dennis Gomo,
Dennis is from Guelph, Ontario

Heartstrings – Willie P. Bennett
Released 1998
Jeff plays on the following tracks:

2. High Park Feeders – double bass
3. One Vessell – jaw harp
7. Restless Wind – sleigh bells
12. Caney Fork River – jaw harp
14. Heartstrings – bowed psaltery

Produced by Tony Quarrington

Also featuring Bruce Cockburn, Tannis Slimmon, David Wilcox, Stephen Fearing and Melanie Doane.
Deeper Down Below – Black Cabbage
Released 1998

Produced by Jeff Bird, mixed by Jeff Bird & Jeff Wolpert,
Jeff also played bass on a few of the tracks

Dave’s Records of Guelph DROG 051

Everything is Coming Clear – Jeff Bird
VHS Release 1997

Jeff Bird: “For the release of my second album I decided to dive into my vast photo collection of more than 20 years of touring through all kinds of weather and topography, all over North America, Europe and Japan. I carefully sequenced the images to the music of everything is coming clear and plain to my understanding.
Everything is Coming Clear – Jeff Bird
CD Released 1997

1. O Auctrix Vitae
2. Lament Di Tristano
3. Borealis Angst
4. Just Like Driving
5. Mr Hicks
6. Leave Us a Loan
7. Everything Is Coming Clear and Plain To My Understanding
8. Little Hooves
9. Ramblin Man

Michael Timmins plays guitar on Tracks 6 & 7

DROG 035
Stuart McLean At the Vinyl Cafe
The Christmas Concert
Released 1997
Recorded Friday, December 13, 1996
in Glenn Gould Studio at the CBC Center in Toronto

For this show the Vinyl Cafe Orchestra was:
Ian Bell, Rick Avery, Jeff Bird, Judy Grennhill,
Anne Lederman, Kate Murphy and Olvier Schroer.

Jeff played bass on a number of Christmas songs.

Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline – Fred Eaglesmith
Released 1997

4.Bell features Jeff Bird on Bass

This CD also features Kim Deschamps and was produced by Scott Merritt.

Welcome to Planet DROG – Various Artists
Released 1997

Track 5 Monkey from Jeff’s self-titled CD

This CD also features music from Black Cabbage,
The Bird Sisters, Lewis Melville and The Rheostatics.

DROG 0030
Truck Songs – Various Artists
Released 1996

Disc 2, track 12: Jeff Bird – Just Like Drivin’ 6.18
Composer: Jeff Bird, Tony Quarrington
Jeff Bird: bass, sound design, percussion
Tony Quarrington: guitar
Jane Ellenton – saxophone
Randall Coryell – drums
Sue Smith – voice
Sue reads the poem “Stuck” in the middle of the song “Stuck” from Arkansas stories by S. Smith

Also featured on these 2 Cd’s are: Tannis Slimmon, Black Cabbage, Riki Gee and Lewis Melville who plays on just about everything.
Lonely City Cowboy – Riki Gee
Released 1996

Jeff Bird plays bass on this CD.

The autographs on this CD in order from top to bottom are: Lewis Melville, Nonie Crete, Jeff Bird, Tony Quarrington & Randall Coryell (all of whom play on the CD). Also appearing on the CD are Willie P. Bennett and of course Riki Gee.

Dave’s Records of Guelph DROG 031
Jeff Bird – Jeff Bird
Released 1995

This is Jeff’s debut solo effort.

1. Take the Needles and the Knives 3:57
2. Monkey 2:31
3. New Shoes 4:50
4. One of us cannot be wrong 4:24
5. Room at the Top of the Stairs 3:26
6. Back for more 4:56
7. Beat for the boneman 3:28
8. Drivin’ live 6:18
Leaving Inverarden – Tamarack
Released 1995

At this point Tamarack consisted of:
James Gordon, Molly Kurvink and Alex Sinclair.

Jeff Bird plays on:
1. Leaving Inverarden – harmonica
10. A River Runs Through Lytton – mandolin

This CD also features Tony Quarrington on guitar and dobro

Folk Era Records FE1432D
She & She & She – Bird Sisters
Released 1995

The Bird Sisters were Susan Smith, Jude Vadala,
and Tannis Slimmon. Once a purely a cappella outfit, they eventually rounded out their sound with acoustic guitars and bass.

Jeff Bird plays on:
3. Thousand Ages – violin, bodhran & tambourine
8. Met Hime on a Train – acoustic bass
13. Play All Your Aces – mandolin

This CD also features Lewis Melville, art direction by David Houghton and an inside photo by Ben Rudnick.


Black Cabbage – Black Cabbage
Released 1995

Jeff Bird plays on:
14. Save Yourself – harmonica

Dave’s Records of Guelph DROG 009
Dim Lights Small City – James Gordon
Released 1995

Jeff Bird plays Mandolin, Harmonica, Percussion

Design: Open Circle Design
Art Direction: David Houghton
This CD also features Tony Quarrington

On The Grand – Tamarack
Released 1994

Jeff did not play on this CD, he is credited with Engineering the first 8 songs which were recorded at Ty Tyrfu, Guelph. These songs were commissioned by The Elora Festival, to celebrate the naming of the Grand River as a Canadian Heritage River.

Cover Art: Sketch of Part of the Town of Guelph, Canada West by David Johnston Kennedy, courtesy University of Guelph

Folk Era FE1421D
Spirit Jewels – Charlie Sohmer
Released 1994

Jeff plays bass, harmonica, mandolin, percussion, lord knows

All songs written by Charlie Sohmer, recorded at happy rock studios, Ottawa
cover painting: ‘tree ears’ by doug bernhardt

Snowy River Records SRR – S33
Angel on a cliff – Robert Atyeo and the Friendly Giants
Released 1994

Jeff plays Bass Guitar on the first track ‘The Floor is Closer Than You Think’, and he also had a hand in engineering the CD.

This CD features Tony Quarrington, Tannis Slimmon, Sue Smith, Willie P. Bennett among others.
Frobisher Bay – Tamarack
Released 1993

Jeff Bird was a founding member of Tamarack. After leaving to play with the Cowboy Junkies Jeff has continued to work on a number of projects as
a solo artist and as a producer.

Jeff Bird: Percussion, mandolin, bass, violin, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Produced and Engineered by Jeff Bird, Cover art: Iqaluit by Janice Rahn-Bailey

At this point Tamarack consisted of: Gwen Swick, Alex Sinclair and James Gordon

Different Stories- The Bird Sisters
Released 1992

The Bird Sisters are: Tannis Slimmon, Sue Smith and Jude Vadala
Jeff Bird plays on:
2. Slips Through The Crack – mandolin
6. Back To the Desert – bass
9. Falling for You – mandolin

Art Direction by David Houghton, Some songs written or co-written by Lewis Melville, one song arranged by Tony Quarrington

TBS 002 Released 1992
The Dark Monkey is laughing- Riki Gee & Jeff Bird
Cassette Release 1992

Produced by Jeff Bird and Riki Gee
Recorded by Jeff Bird at Ty Tyrfu in 1992

The Year of the Monkey

FLO – The Bird Sisters
Released 1990 Cassette Only

FLO was recorded live to two-track during November and December 1989 in
the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Elora, Ontario

FLO was produced and engineered by Jeff Bird

This debut effort includes original material, traditional songs and covers of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock and Townes Van Zandt’s If I Needed You.

TBS 001
Christmas – Carillon
Released 1987

Carillon is:
Jeff Bird: guitar, mandolin, basses, keyboards, recorder, carillon, percussion
Lance Anderson: piano, keyboards
William Mather: keyboards

Guest Artists: Jane Ellenton: sax, David Houghton: percussion
Special thanks to St. George’s Anglican Church, Guelph, Ontario for the use of their carillon

Attic Records LAT 1243

Ontario 200 Musical Years- Tamarack
Cassette Only Release 1984

Live performances honouring Ontario’s Historical Roots
Produced by Tamarack (Jeff Bird, James Gordon, Randy Sutherland, Alex Sinclair)

Side One – Battle of Windmill/ When You and I Were Young/
Some Of These Days/ Saturday Night/ Rockin The Blues/
Pocketful Of Quarters

Side Two – Iroquois Chant/ Scarborough Settler/
Moravian Dance/ Cobalt/ Seems Like Old Times


A Pleasant Gale – Tamarack
Released 1983

A collection of traditional songs recorded
at Elora Sound Studios, Elora, Ontario
in June 1983

Cover art Woodcut: Sunset by Wilma Foley

Songs included Mining For Gold, which was recorded for The Trinity Sessions and The Coast of Peru which was performed by the Cowboy Junkies live, usually as an introduction to Mariner’s Song.

At this point Tamarack consisted of:
Jeff Bird, James Gordon and Randy Sutherland

Photo from the back of the album, Jeff is on the left.

Music of Canada – Tamarack
Released 1981

This is the debut album from Tamarack, the following is taken from the back of the album: The first side of this album was recorded in the studio bringing the latest in recording technology to bear on ancient songs. The second side was recorded in concert with Maple Sugar (of whom Sutherland, Gordon and Bird form the nucleus), drawing on the enthusiasm and energy of an audience to help bring the songs to life.

These songs represent but one facet of Sutherland, Gordon and Bird, who, drawn to all forms of traditional music, have added an eclectic blending of blues, jazz and country traditions, often in original compositions, to the Celtic songs featured 

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