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Cowboy Junkies on Radio Station Compilations

Greetings from Area Code 207, Vol 5
released 2004

Disc 2, Track 9. Anniversary Song
Recorded June 23, 2004

“All songs recorded live in ‘Studio Z’, at WCLZ-FM Portland Maine, 2003-2004” Cornmeal Records
KFOG Live From The Archives 10th Ann. CD
released 2004 

Track 1. Anniversary Song

Taken from Live from The Archives 1
Acoustic: Michael and Margo

Broadcast from The Plant Studios Sausalito, California January 30, 1994
Roots & Rhythms Vol. 2
KSUT Studios, Ignacio, CO
released 2004

Track 1. Misguided Angel
Michael and Margo Timmins
Recorded live in the KSUT studio on August 3, 2002.

This CD is available only to members (sponsors) of the radio station.
Broadcasts vol. 11 KGSR 107.1, Austin, TX
released November 2003 

2 Cd’s: Disc 1, track 6: Black Eyed Man

Recorded November 8, 2002
Margo Timmins – vocal, Michael Timmins – guitar
Jaro Czerwinec – accordion, Jeff Bird – harmonica

Proceeds donated to the SIMS Foundation, Services Invested in Musicans’ Support. The foundation offers low-cost mental health services to Austin musicians and their immediate families.
kpri 102.1 San Diego
Live Tracks Volume 1
released 2003

Track 6 Misguided Angel
Live and Direct – volume 4
WYEP 91.3 FM, Philadelphia, PA
released 2002

Track 19 Thousand Year Prayer
Michael and Margo Timmins only

The date of the performance is not on the CD.
Broadcasts vol. 10
KGSR 107.1 Broadcast Series, Austin, TX
released 2002

2 discs recorded live in Studio
Disc 1, Track 8 Something More Besides You

Broadcasts vol. 9
KGSR 107.1 Broadcast Series, Austin, TX
released 2002

2 discs recorded live in Studio
Disc 2, Track 13 I’m So Open

The Riversound Cafe
Volume One
released 2001 *

Track 2. Five Room Love Story

A live recording from WRSI, Northampton, Massachusetts in 2000.
On The Mountain
live performances for KMTT radio Seattle
released 2001

Track 2. I’m So Open
Recorded sometime in 2001, Michael & Margo Timmins only
Live From the X-Ville City Limits
KTHX 100.1 Volume 3
released 2001*

Track 12. I’m So Open
Studio version from the CD Open

City Folk Live IV
WFUV 90.7
Public Radio from Fordham University
released 2001

Track 12. I’m So Open
Exclusive Live Performances From WDET-FM 101.9 Detroit Vol. 2
released 2000 *

Disc 2, Track 7. Escape Is So Simple
Original broadcast date February 2, 2000
Michael and Margo Timmins only.
Kink Live Thr3e
Songs Recorded for Kink FM 102 Radio
released 2000 *

Track 4. Misguided Angel
Michael and Margo Timmins dropped by our studios and graced us with this quintessential Cowboy Junkies song, highlighted by Margo’s haunting voice.
Live at the World Cafe, Volume 8
released 1999

Track 7. Miles From Our Home 4:42
Recorded live for WXPN’s World Cafe

Performance dates are listed as ‘late 1998’
KFOG CD Sampler 7
released date circa 1998

Track 5. New Dawn Coming

Live from the River Music Hall
Volume 1, presented by WXRV 92.5 The River
released 1998

Track 3. Come Calling 4:02

Margo and Michael Timmins arrived in a driving snowstorm to play live; their performance remains a mesmerizing, haunting performance. Proof that subtlety can still exist in rock. Originally on the CD “Lay It Down”. 3/07/96
Mountain Fresh Tracks
The Mountain 103.7 FM, Seattle WA
released 1998

Track 3. New Dawn Coming
A collection of studio versions from 1998
Kink Live
Songs Recorded for Kink FM 102 Radio
released 1998

Track 2. Anniversary Song

Live from the Archives 5
KFOG 104.5/97.7
released 1998

Track 7. Miles From Our Home

Broadcast from The Plant Studios Sausalito, California
August 18, 1998
Cities 97
Cities Sampler Minneapolis, Volume 10
Released 1998

Track 8. Miles From Our Home

Recorded live at The Planet, courtesy of KFOG. No indication of the recording date, but it is likely the same as on KFOG 5 (above) from August 18, 1998

No indication of the players, but it sounds like just Margo and Michael
100.3 The Q
1998 Collector’s Edition Vol 2
released 1998

Track 11. New Dawn Coming

A collection of studio versions with all funds going to the Q’s T.L.C. Fund for Kids in Victoria, B.C.
Rare on Air Volume 3
Recorded Live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic
Released 1997

Track 1. State Trooper 4:44
Recorded April 3, 1996
Margo, Michael, Alan and Peter

Produced by Chris Douridas and Bob Carison
State Trooper from Rare on Air Volume 3
Promo Release 1997

Track 1. State Trooper 4:44

COWBOY JUNKIES have never sounded better than on their haunting version of the Springsteen song “State Trooper”. Long a highlight of the band’s live show, Cowboy Junkies first recorded the song on their rare 1990 debut “Whites Off Earth Now!!” Thousands of requests later, we are pleased to release this special live performance as the first single from Rare on Air, Volume 3.

Mammoth PRCD 8034
E-Town Live Volume I
Released 1997

Track 11. Bea’s Song (River Song Trilogy Part 2)

Recorded at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado, February 4, 1996

Margo Timmins – vocals, Michael Timmins – guitar
Alan Anton – bass, Peter Timmins – drums
Live From the Music Hall Volume Three
Released 1996*

Track 17. Angel Mine 3:03
Live performances from KSCA 101.9 L.A.

April 1, 1996 – The Timmins Family from Toronto visited the Music Hall and played “Angel Mine”, a song that appears on three albums – “Lay It Down”, “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” soundtrack and now “Live From The Music Hall Volume 3”
Live From the Archives 3
KFOG 104.5/97.7
released 1996

Track 6 Come Calling (Her Song)

Recorded in KFOG Studio “A” on May 9, 1996
Live at the World Cafe Volume 4
released 1996

Track 3. A Common Disaster 3:13
The recording date and players are not indicated, although it must have been sometime during 1996 and it sounds like the ‘full’ band (bass and drums included)

World Cafe is produced at WXPN, Public Radio from the University of Pennsylvania
102.1 the Edge Toronto
The Electronic Edge Adventure CD-ROM
released 1996

Featuring the video for A Common Disaster, a biography of the band and audio for Come Calling and Speaking Confidentially
KGSR 107.1 Radio Austin
Broadcasts Vol. 4
released 1996

2 CD’s
Disc 2, Track 12, Angel Mine
Live at the World Cafe
Volume 1
Release 1995

Track 17. Anniversary Song 3:13

Live From the Archives 1 KFOG 104.5
released 1994

Track 3 Anniversary Song

Broadcast from The Plant Studios Sausalito, California
January 30, 1994

This song is also available on the 10th Anniversary release from 2004.
The Best of Mountain Stage Live Volume Seven
Released 1994

Track 10. Pale Sun

Margo Timmins – Vocals, Michael Timmins – Guitar
Ken Myhr – Guitar, Jeff Bird – Harmonica and Percussion

Mountain Stage Sampler
Released 1996 *

Track 12: Misguided Angel

The same version as on Volume 3 from February 2, 1992, Canadians Live from Mountain Stage and the Junkies CD 200 more miles

Margo Timmins – Vocals
Michael Timmins – Guitar
Ken Myhr – Guitar
Alan Anton – Bass
Peter Timmins – Drums
Jeff Bird – Harmonica, Mandolin, Percussion
Spencer Evans – keyboards
Upfront! Canadians Live from Mountain Stage
Release in 1994

Track 4. Misguided Angel 5:02

Mountain Stage is a weekly, two-hour live performance radio program, broadcast across the United States on more than 120 stations. Each show features three or four guest acts that typically defy categorization. Diversity is probably the most appealing aspect of Mountain Stage, which attracts top performers in the alternative, blues, folk, rock and world beat genres.
KBCO Studio C Volume 5
Released circa 1993

Track 1. Black Eyed Man
Studio C went on the road! KBCO listeners enjoyed this performance live from Avalanche Studios in Northglenn. A small group of lucky fans witnessed the first live session broadcast from outside the KBCO studios.
They Came, They Played, They Blocked the Driveway
Released 1993

Live Music from the Studios of WFMU, 2 Discs
Disc 1, Track 8: Captain Kidd

The Best of Mountain Stage Live Volume 3
Released 1992

Track 7: Misguided Angel

See listings above for more information as this version is available in multiple locations. Recorded February 2, 1992, first broadcast February 9, 1992.
The Cities Sampler
Volume 2
Released 1990

Track 12: Decoration Day
The studio version from Whites Off Earth Now!!

KTCZ-FM 97.1, benefits to the Minnesota Food Shelter Association.
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