Such Ferocious Beauty
Released June 2, 202

1. What I Lost
2. Flood
3. Hard to Build, Easy to Break
4. Circe and Penelope
5. Hell Is Real
6. Shadows 2
7. Knives
8. Mike Tyson (Here It Comes)
9. Throw A Match
10. Blue Skies
Songs of the Recollection
Released March 25, 2022

1. Five Years (David Bowie)
2. Ooh Las Vegas * (Gram Parsons)
3. No Expectations (Keith Richards & Mick Jagger)
4. Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)
5. Love In Mind (Neil Young)
6. The Way I Feel * (Gordon Lightfoot)
7. I’ve Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You (Bob Dylan)
8. Marathon * (Vic Chesnutt)
9. Seventeen Seconds * (The Cure)
 *previously commercially released
Released April 6, 2020 for download and streaming
Limited quantity LP released Feb 25, 2021, no CD

1. Desire Lines
2. Breathing
3. Grace Descends
4. (You Don’t Get To) Do It Again
5. The Possessed
6. Misery
7. This Dog Barks
8. Ornette Coleman

Produced, recorded & mixed – Michael Timmins, Co-produced – Alan Anton
Mastered by Peter J Moore, Artwork by Peter Timmins
Graphics design by Jonny Desilva, Photography: Pawel Nolbert
All songs written by Michael Timmins, except Breathing, Grace Descends, Do It Again by Michael Timmins & Alan Anton
All lyrics by Michael Timmins
Ghosts is dedicated to our Mom

All That Reckoning Released July 13, 2018

Limited quantity LP released Feb 25, 2021

1. All That Reckoning (Part 1)
2. When We Arrive
3. The Things We Do To Each Other
4. Wooden Stairs
5. Sing Me A Song
6. Mountain Stream (The Angel)
7. Missing Children (The Tyger)
8. Shining Teeth
9. Nose Before Ear
10. All That Reckoning (Part 2)
11. The Possessed

Latent Recordings Latex CD55 / Latex LP55

Notes Falling Slow

Released October 2015

4 CD Box Set including remastered versions of Open, One Soul Now and At The End of Paths Taken. The fourth CD is new recordings of songs from this timeframe:

1. Also One
2. Shrike
3. Morning Cried
4. Cold Evening Wind
5. So They Say
6. Three Wishes
7. The Slide *
8. Done Your Time
9. IKEA Parking Lot

* New version, previously released on One Soul Now

Latent Recordings Latex CD48
The Nomad Series
Released April 17, 2012

Box Set containing the 4 CD’s from the Nomad Series (below) along with a CD of “Extras”
1. My Boy Burns
2. The Girl Behind The Man Behind The Gun
3. Old Hotel
4. Marathon
5. Punching Holes Through
6. Sad Peter Pan
7. Demons
8. Guilty By Association
9. Forthright
10. Stay Inside

Latent Recordings LatexCD34

The Wilderness, The Nomad Series Volume 4

Released March 27, 2012

1. Unanswered Letter
2. Idle Tales
3. We Are The Selfish Ones
4. Damaged From The Start
5. Angels In The Wilderness
6. Fairytale
7. The Confessions of Georgia E.
8. I Let Him In
9. Staring Man
10. Fuck, I Hate The Cold
The Wilderness, The Nomad Series Volume 4 Bonus Tracks EP
Released March 27, 2012

1. Demons
2. Girl Behind The Man Behind The Gun
3. Lo
4. My Boy Burns
5. Punching Holes Through

Download Only

Sing In My Meadow, The Nomad Series Volume 3

Released October 18, 2011

1. Continental Drift
2. It’s Heavy Down Here
3. 3rd Crusade
4. Late Night Radio
5. Sing In My Meadow
6. Hunted
7. A Bride’s Price
8. I Move On

Latent Recordings LatexCD31
Sing In My Meadow Bonus Tracks, The Nomad Series Volume 3
Released October 18, 2011

1. Mountain
2. My Little Basquiat
3. Spiral Down
4. Lay It Down
5. Follower 2

Demons, The Nomad Series Volume 2

First available December 13, 2010
Official Release Date January 18, 2011

1. Wrong Piano
2. Flirted With You All My Life
3. See You Around
4. Betty Lonely
5. Square Room
6. Ladle
7. Supernatural
8. West of Rome
9. Strange Language
10. We Hovered With Short Wings
11. When The Bottom Fell Out

Download, CD or Vinyl
Demons Bonus Tracks EP, The Nomad Series Volume 2
First available December 13, 2010
Official Release Date January 15, 2011

1. Stay Inside
2. Old Hotel
3. Withering
4. Marathon
5. Forthright
6. Sad Peter Pan
7. Guilty By Association

Download Only

Renmin Park, The Nomad Series Volume 1

Released Apr 15, 2010

1. Intro
2. Renmin Park
3. Sir Francis Bacon At The Net
4. Stranger Here
5. A Few Bags of Grain
6. I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side
7. (You’ve Got To Get) A Good Heart
8. Cicadas
9. Interlude
10. My Fall
11. Little Dark Heart
12. A Walk In The Park
13. Renmin Park (revisited)
14. Coda

Latent Recordings LatexCD28, Vinyl LP28

At The End of Paths Taken

Europe Release April 10, 2007, North America Release Apr 17, 2007

1. Brand New World
2. Still Lost
3. Cutting Board Blues
4. Spiral Down
5. My Little Basquiat
6. Someday Soon
7. Follower 2
8. It Really Doesn’t Matter Anyway
9. Blue Eyed Saviour
10. Mountain
11. My Only Guarantee

Shrike was a bonus song on the U.S. Itunes site only
Latent Recordings. Under exclusive license to Zoe Records
a Rounder Records Group Company. Zoe 01143 1097-2
Anatomy of an album – At The End of Paths Taken
Download only available 2007

Contains 21 demo versions of the songs that became At The End of Paths Taken.

Early 21st Century Blues

Released May 6, 2005

1. Licensed To Kill
2. Two Soldiers
3. December Skies
4. This World Dreams Of
5. Brothers Under the Bridge
6. You’re Missing
7. Handouts In the Rain
8. Isn’t It a Pity
9. No More
10. I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier
11. One

Latent Recordings LATEXCD18

One Soul Now

UK Release May 31, 2004, North American Release Jun 8, 2004

1. One Soul Now
2. Why This One
3. My Wild Child
4.From Hunting Ground to City Street
5. Stars of Our Stars
6. Notes Falling Slow
7. No Long Journey Home
8. He Will Call You Baby
9. Simon Keeper
10. The Slide

Produced by Michael Timmins
CD Only: Latent Recordings / Zoe 01143 1036-2
CD with bonus neath your covers: MRCD 6426
anatomy of an album – the making of one soul now
CD-ROM Released Jun 8, 2004

Contains 1 ‘chapter’ for each song on the CD.
Includes draft versions of the songs, lyrics and a background on the development of each song.

Latent Recordings, manufactured by MapleMusic Recordings
Distributed by Universal Music Canada MRCD6427


Released May 2001

1. i did it all for you
2. dragging hooks (river song trilogy: part III)
3. bread and wine
4. upon still waters
5. dark hole again
6. thousand year prayer
7. i’m so open
8. small swift birds
9. beneath the gate
10. close my eyes

The Japanese CD contains bonus tracks from Waltz Across America:
11. blue guitar
12. hollow as a bone (revisited)
13. dark hole again

Latent Recordings, Manufactured & Distributed in Canada by Universal Music CD 4400140552
Japan CD Cooking Vinyl under license from Latent Recordings PVCP8762
Vinyl release Aug 19,2020 Would Waste Records, Denmark (missing Upon Still Waters)

Rarities, B-Sides and Slow Sad Waltzes

Released June 1999

1. I Saw Your Shoes
2. Five Room Love Story
3. Sad To See The Season Go
4. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Bob Dylan)
5. Love’s Still There
6. To Lay Me Down (Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia)
7. A Few Simple Words
8. River Waltz
9. Leaving Normal
10. The Water Is Wide (Traditional)
11 Unlisted Track – My Father’s House (Bruce Springsteen)

A collection of songs from various collections and soundtracks and promo CD’s. Released on Latent Records, the label they started with for their first albums.
CD Canada: Latent Recordings Distributed by True North Records TND 190

Miles From Our Home

Released June 30, 1998

1. New Dawn Coming
2. Blue Guitar
3. Miles From Our Home
4. Good Friday
5. Darkling Days
6. Hollow As A Bone
7. Someone Out There
8. The Summer Of Discontent
9. No Birds Today
10. Those Final Feet
10 Hidden Track – At the end of the Rainbow

CD: GEFSD-25201, CD:CGEFD 25201

Lay It Down

Released February 27, 1996

1. Something more besides you
2. A common disaster
3. Lay it down
4. Hold on to me
5. Come calling (his song)
6. Just want to see
7. Lonely sinking feeling
8. Angel mine
9. Bea’s song (River Song Trilogy: part II)
10. Musical key
11. Speaking confidentially
12. Come calling (her song)
13. Now I know

CD: GEFSD-24952
The Collection
Released 1993

The first 5 studio CD’s on RCA packaged together in black vinyl.

Pale Sun, Crescent Moon

Released November 23, 1993

1. Crescent Moon
2. First Recollection
3. Ring on the Sill
4. Anniversary Song
5. White Sail
6. Seven Years
7. Pale Sun
8. The Post
9. Cold Tea Blues
10. Hard to Explain (Ray Agee)
11. Hunted
12. Floorboard Blues

CD: 74321-16808-2, 2018 Released on 2 Vinyl set RCA / Sony: 19075864791-3

Inside Sleeve Vinyl:

black eyed man

Released February 11, 1992

1. Southern Rain
2. Oregon Hill
3. This Street, That Man, This Life
4. A Horse in the Country
5. If you were the Woman and I was the Man
6. Murder, Tonight, In the Trailer Park
7. Black Eyed Man
8. Winter’s Song
9. The Last Spike
10. Cowboy Junkies Lament
11. Townes’ Blues
12. To Live is to Fly (Townes Van Zandt)
Bonus songs on the Japanese version only:
13. Lost My Driving Wheel (David Wiffen)
14. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Bob Dylan)

This was the last Junkies release originally available on vinyl and only in the U. K., since then a number of releases have been issued or reissued on vinyl

UK: LP RCA PL90620, CD PD90620, Cassette PK90620
JAPAN: CD BVCP-183, CANADA: CD RCA 7863-61049-2
2018 Released on 2 Vinyl set RCA / Sony: 19075864781-4

the caution horses

Released March 13, 1990
Recorded December 1989

1. Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning
2. ‘Cause Cheap is How I Feel
3. Thirty Summers
4. Mariner’s Song
5. Powderfinger (Neil Young)
6. Rock and Bird
7. Witches
8. Where are you Tonight?
9. Escape is so Simple
10. You Will be Loved Again (O’Hara)

U.S. Vinyl Release: RCA 2058-1-R, RCA CD: 2058-2-R
2018 Released on 2 Vinyl set RCA / Sony 07863520581-7
RCA Cover:

Original Latent Cover:

Latent Back Cover:

The Trinity Session

RCA Release November 15, 1988
Latent Release early 1988

Captured live at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto on November 27, 1987

Track listing RCA:
1. Mining for Gold (Traditional: Arranged by James Gordon)
2. Misguided Angel (Margo and Michael Timmins)
3. Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
4. I Don’t Get It (Margo and Michael Timmins)
5. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
6. To Love is to Bury (Margo and Michael Timmins)
7. 200 More Miles
8. Dreaming My Dreams with You (Allen Reynolds)
9. Working on a Building (Traditional: Arranged by the Cowboy Junkies)
10. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
11. Postcard Blues (Michael Timmins)
12. Walking After Midnight (A. Block/D. Hecht)

Track listing Latent Records – Latex 5
Side 1: 1. Mining for Gold
2. Misguided Angel
3. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
4. I Don’t Get It
5. To Love is to Bury
Side 2: 1. 200 More Miles
2. Dreaming My Dreams with You
3. Sweet Jane
4. Postcard Blues
5. Walking After Midnight

Working on a Building and Blue Moon Revisited did not appear on the original album. Blue Moon Revisited was first released on It Came from Canada 4.

Original Vinyl Release: Latex 5
RCA Canada 8568-2-R, RCA Alternative Cover 8568-2-R-SP

Whites Off Earth Now!!

180g Vinyl re-release Nov 2009
SACD CD re-release early 2007
RCA Release 1991
Latent Release 1986, Recorded on June 28, 1986

1. Shining Moon (Lightning Hopkins)
2. State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen)
3. Me and the Devil (Robert Johnson)
4. Decoration Day (John Lee Hooker)
5. Baby Please Don’t Go (Bukka White)
6. I’ll Never Get out of These Blues Alive (John Lee Hooker)
7. Take Me (Michael Timmins, Margo Timmins)
8. Forgive Me (John Lee Hooker)
9. Crossroads (Robert Johnson)

The photos for the from cover were taken by Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo. Back photo by Jeff Cossette and only available on vinyl. Recorded in the garage of a house they were renting in Toronto.

Original Vinyl Release: Canada Latex 4
RCA CD: Canada 2380-2-R, SACD Reissue UD SACD 4010

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