Carmelita Guitar Tabs

Fred J. Eaglesmith

Intro: D ‘ ‘ ‘ (x2)

[D] Down along the railroad tracks [Am] I ran into my old friend Jack.

[C] He was dressed in his [G] Sunday best but his
[D] face was red and his eyes were dead.
He [D] said, “I lost Marina, and the [Am] last place that I seen her,
[C] She was makin’ [G] off with my best [D] friend.”
I [D] took him to the water. [Am] I spent fifty dollars
On [C] something that would [G] take him to the [D] moon.
Well he [D] must have gone to heaven ’cause [Am] just before I left him,
I [C] tried to wake him [G] up but he wouldn’t [D] move.


So [D] come on, Carmelita, you [Am] drank too much and I can see that
[C] Soon you’re gonna [G] need a breath of [D] air.
We’ll [D] dance across the wheat field,
there’s a [Am] place I know just east of here
And it [C] wouldn’t take too [G] long to go down [D] there.
We’ll [Am] sleep out on the ground
And in the [C] morning when we wake up, we’ll leave [G – D] town.

And I [D] picked my last tobacco leaf, [Am] soaking wet up to my knees,
[C] Out there before the [G] sun was on the [D] rise.
And you can [D] have a drink of water,
but [Am] don’t you look at my daughter,
Or I’ll [C] come down there and [G] cut you with this [D] knife.


[D] There ain’t any flack man, but [Am] if you’re a black man
They’ll [C] put you on a [G] plane back to where you’re [D] from.


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