Dark Hole Again Guitar Tabs

Dark Hole Again
Michael Timmins

[Em] Stuck in that [G] dark hole [A] again. [A7]
[Em] Someone throw me a [C] ladder
[G] on which I can de- [Em] pend.
Someone give me a [G] handhold
to [A] help me [C] ascend.
[G] Someone give me a [A] reason
to [Em] start up these walls once again.

[Em] Lost in those [G] gray clouds [A] again. [A7]
[Em] Trying to punch my way [C] through them
[G] as fear settles [Em] in.
Earth growing [G] larger as I [A] fall into a [C] spin.
[G] Someone give me a [A] reason
to [Em] take on those gray clouds again.

[Em] Caught in this [G] rip tide [A] again. [A7]
[Em] My mouth wide [C] open,
[G] the sea pouring [Em] in.
Perhaps I’ll just [G] float here
and [A] see where this journey [C] ends.
[G] Until someone gives me a [A] reason
to stay [Em] clear of those rip tides again.

[Em] Dark hole [A] again. [Em]
[A] Gray clouds [Em] again.
Rip tides [A] again. [Em]

repeat and fade

Tabbed by derrick
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