Good Friday Guitar Tabs

Good Friday
Michael Timmins

[G] [F] [C] [G] [F] [C] [G]

Oooh [G] [F] [C] [G] Oooh [F] [C] [G]

[G] Sat at my [F] window watched the [C] world
wake up this [G] morning.
[F] Purple sky [C] slowly turning [G] golden,
[F] distant elms so [C] orange
you’d swear [G] they’re burning.

All this flowing [F] water
has [C] got my mind [G] wandering.
Do you [F] ever finally [C] reach
a point of [G] knowing
or do you [F] just wake up one [C] day
and say, “I [G] am going?” [F] [C] [G]

[G] What will I [F] tell you
when you [C] ask me why I’m [G] crying?
Will I [F] point above
at the [C] Red Tail gracefully [G] soaring
or [F] down below where its [C] prey
is quietly [G] trembling?

Solo on Verse – the solos are all based around these notes:

(e) I————–8-10-11-I
(B) I——8-10-11———I
(G) I–7-9——————I

[G] Two thousand [F] years ago [C] Jesus is left there [G] hanging.
[F] Purple sky [C] slowly turning [G] golden.
[F] Cowards at his feet [C] loudly [G] laughing.
[F] Loved ones stumbling [C] homeward
their worlds [G] reeling.
[F] Red Tail above my [C] head quietly [G] soaring.
[F] Waters turn from ice, [C] creek is [G] roaring.
He says, e- [F] nough of all this shit [C] I am [G] going.

Oooh [G] [F] [C] [G] Oooh [F] [C] [G] Oooh [F] [C] [G]

Tabbed by Brian Davies
bbkim’s note: There’s lots of bass runs in this song…check out the intro

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