Pale Sun Guitar Tabs

Pale Sun
Michael Timmins


[Am] Fifty miles from [Em] Dakota territory
[C] Cheyenne [Em] scalp hangs from [Am] his belt.
[Am] Found him alone, [Em] washing in the Bighorn.
[C] a steady [Em] aim and he [Am] bagged his game.

[Dm] Pale sun falls [Am] without contest.
[Dm] Here is obediant [Am] darkness.
[Em7] He will not [Am] return.

White Cadillac, [Em] white man at the wheel,
white [C] faces on the moun- [Em] tain,
[Am] wounds that will never heal.
Black clouds overhead, old [Em] man says
looks like rain.
[C] Theives’ Road winds to the [Em] Black Hills. sign
[Am] says South Dakota, U.S.A.

[Dm] Grass plains stretch to the [Am] horizon,
[Dm] not a soul can be found [Am] on them.
[Em7] They will not [Am] return.

[Am] Old rusted pick-up and a [Em] mad dog in the yard,
[C] purple paint peals, but [Em] fails to reveal
the [Am] bitterness that grows inside.
Cloud of dust in the distance,
strange [Em] knock beneath my hood.
Is it [C] better to have words left [Em] unsaid than to
have [Am] words misunderstood?

[Dm] Pale sun falls without [Am] contest.
[Dm] Here is obediant [Am] darkness.
[Em] It will return. [Am]
[Em] I know it will [Am] return.
[Em] It will return. [Am]

Tabbed by Kimberly D. Ewart

bbkim’s note: All the Am chords sound best decorated with an Amsus2, hammer your pinky down on the 3rd fret of the B string for the best effect. Also, the bridge seems to be a change of key, before returning to the verse Old rusted pick-up…, and I’m stumped.

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