Powderfinger Guitar Tabs

Neil Young
As performed by Cowboy Junkies

[G] [C+G] [G]

[G] Wake up, Mama, there’s a [C] white boat comin’ down the [G] river,
with a [C] big red beacon and a [Csus2 + C ] flag and a man on the rail. [G + Am7] [G]
I think you’d [C] better call John ’cause it [Cmaj7] don’t look like
they’re here to [Bm] deliver the [C] mail.
And it’s [Bm] less than a mile [Cmaj7] away.
I [Bm] hope they didn’t come to [Cmaj7] stay.
It’s got [Bm] numbers on the side and a [Cmaj7] gun, and it’s making big [D] waves.

[C+G] [C] [G+Am7] [G]

[G] Daddy’s gone, my [C] brother’s out hunting in the [G] mountains.
[C] Big John’s been drinking [Csus2 + C] since the river took Emmy Lou. [G + Am7] [G]
So the [C] powers that be left me [Cmaj7] here to do all the [Bm] thinking. [C]
And [Bm] I just turned twenty [Cmaj7] two. I was [Bm] wondering what to do. [Cmaj7]
The [Bm] closer they came, the [Cmaj7] more those feelings [D] grew.

[C+G] [C] [G+Am7] [G]

[G] Daddy’s rifle in my [C] arms felt re- [G] assuring.
He told me, [C] Red means run, Son. [Csus2 + C] Numbers add up to [G + Am7] nothing. [G]
But when that [C] first shot hit the [Cmaj7] dock, I saw it [Bm] coming. [C]
Raised the [Bm] rifle to my [Cmaj7] eye. Never [Bm] stopped to wonder [Cmaj7] why.
Then I [Bm] saw black and my [Cmaj7] face flashed in the [D] sky.

[C+G] [C] [G+Am7] [G]

Instrumental on verse

[G] Shelter me from the [C] powder and the [G] finger.
[C] Cover me in the [Csus2 + C] thought that pulled the [G + Am7] trigger. [G]
Just [C] think of me as [Cmaj7] one who never [Bm] figured, [C]
to [Bm] fade away so [Cmaj7] young with [Bm] so much left [Cmaj7] undone.
[Bm] Remember me to my [Cmaj7] love. I know I’ll [D] miss her.

[C+G] [C+G] [C] [G]

Tabbed by bbkim: When I use a + sign between chords it means both chords are played within a bar, and each may not receive equal time.

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