Rock and Bird Guitar Tabs

Rock and Bird
Michael Timmins


[F] She captured both [Am] Rock and Bird
tied [Bb] one to the leg of the [F] other
[C] kept them as [Am] prisoners
until [Dm] they knew who was [Bb] master
then she [C] threw them to the [F] sky

[Dm] Bird with unbarred wings [Am] disappeared
[Bb] Rock with weighted heart [A] returned
[C] and Rock became her [Am] anchor
and [C] Bird became her [F] dream

[F] Now she stands on the [Am] forest floor
among the [Bb] pines and [F] towering firs
[C] Rock still firm [Am] beneath her feet
[Dm] Bird perched high [Bb] above her
singing [C] songs of love’s [F] betrayal

[Dm] I offered you my [Am] endless skies
[Bb] you countered with hoods [A] and chains
[C] this song I sing will [Am] be the last
to be [C] inspired by your [F] memory.

Tabbed by kkmccool

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