Bad Boy

(Larry Williams)

A bad little boy
moved into the neighborhood.
He don’t do nothing right
just sits around and looks so good.
He don’t want to go to school
to learn to read and write.
Just sits around the house and listens
to those records all night.
Well he put thumb tacks on teacher’s chair
put chewing gum in little girl’s hair
Now Junior behave yourself.

He buys every rock and roll book
on the magazine stand.
Every dime he gets he’s
off to the jukebox man.
He worries that teacher
till at night she’s aready to poop
From rocking and a rolling
spinning in a hula-hoop
Well his rock and roll has got to stop
Junior’s head is hard as rock
Now Junior behave yourself.

Gonna tell your mamma
you’d better do what she said.
Get to the barber shop
and get that hair cut off your head.
You took the canary
and fed it to the neighbor’s cat .
You have the cocker spaniel
a hot tub like the one you had.
Well your mamma said it’s gotta stop
Junior’s head is hard as a rock
Now, Junior behave yourself.

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