Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning Guitar Tabs

Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning
Michael Timmins

[E] Sun comes up, it’s [A] Tuesday morning
hits me [Bsus4] straight in the eye
guess [A] you forgot to close the blinds last [E] night.
Oh, that’s [A] right. I [Bsus4] forgot. It was [A] me.
I sure do miss the smell of black [E] coffee in the morning,
the [A] sound of water splashing all [E] over the bathroom,
and the [A] kiss that you would give me even [E] though I was sleeping,
but I [Bsus4] kind of like the [A] feel of this extra few feet [E] in my bed.

Telephone’s ringing, [A] but I don’t answer it
’cause [Bsus4] everybody knows [A] good news always [E] sleeps till noon.
Guess it’s tea [A] and toast for breakfast again [Bsus4]
maybe I’ll add a little [A] TV too.
No milk! Oh [E] God how I hate that.
Guess I’ll [A] go to the corner and get [E] breakfast from Jenny.
She’s got a [A] black eye this morning. [E] Jen, how’d ya get it
She says, [Bsus4] Last night, [A] Bobby got a little bit [E] out of hand.

Lunchtime. I [A] start to dial your number [Bsus4]
then I remember so I [A] reach for something to smoke. [E]
And anyway I’d rather [A] listen to Coltrane
than [Bsus4] go through all that [A] shit again.
There’s something about an afternoon [E] spent doing nothing.
Just [A] listening to records and [E] watching the sun falling. [A]
Thinking of things that don’t [E] have to add up to something.
And [Bsus4] this spell won’t be broken
by the [A] sound of keys scraping in the [E] lock.

[E] Maybe tonight it’s movie
with [A] plenty of room for [Bsus4] elbows and knees
a [A] bag of popcorn all to [E] myself,
black and white with a [A] strong female lead
and [Bsus4] if I don’t like it, [A] no debate, I’ll leave.
Here comes that feeling that [E] I’d forgotten
how [A] strange these streets feel
when [E] you’re alone on them. [A]
Each pair of eyes [E] just filled with suggestion.
So I [Bsus4] lower my head, make a [A] beeline for home, [E] seething inside.

[E] Funny, [A] I’d never noticed
the [Bsus4] sound the streetcars [A] make as they pass my [E] window
which [A] reminds me, I [Bsus4] forgot to close the [A] blind again.
Sure I’ll admit there are [E] times when I miss you [A]
especially like now when I need [E] someone to hold me
but [A] there are some things that can [E] never be forgiven [Bsus4]
and I’ve just got to tell you [A]
that I kind of like this extra few feet [E] in my bed.

Tabbed by Kimberley D. Ewart
bbk’s note: I like to replace the B (sus4) with a straight B. It’s easier and sounds just as good.

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