Thirty Summers Guitar Tabs

Thirty Summers
Michael Timmins

[A] [D] [A] [E] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]

[A] Caught in the vice of [D] heaven and earth
[A] he turned his life into [E] a cell
[A] imprisoned by the doubts that [D] hound us all
and the [A] desires which we [E] all know so [A] well.
His [F#m] days he lost to [A]* promises, his [D] nights he purged of [A] dreams
And he would wake in the hours before [E] sunrise
and dread the [D] coming [E] of the [A] day.

[A] Never thought a man could [D] become so desperate
[A] never thought a life could lose [E] so much hope
to be [A] tearing at the roots [D] around you
as if in [A] manacles, or [E] irons or [A] ropes.
They [F#m] say he told his [A]* children that [D] all he taught was [A] lost
and that love and pride and [E] honesty
were to be [D] gained at [E] too high a [A] cost.

[A] It’s been thirty summers that I’ve [D] spent with him
and I [A] expect thirty more to [E] pass
he has [A] blessed my life in so [D] many ways
that I could [A] never [E] turn my [A] back.
But I [F#m] need just one more [A]* reminder
of the [D] man that he used to [A] be
if he would just look deep [E] into my eyes
and say it’s in [D] you my love that [E] I will find the [A] key.

[D] [E] [A] [D] [E] [A]

Tabbed by Kimberley D. Ewart
bbkim’s note: * This [A] sounds like Mike pops in an [A7] before the transistion to [D]

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