Thousand Year Prayer Guitar Tabs

Thousand Year Prayer
Michael Timmins

[F] [C] [F] [C] [F] [C]

[F] Here we all are at the end of the-century-of- [C] beauty-lost.
[F] We greedily ate what you gave us, the [C] rest we tossed.
[F] We’ve trapped all your rivers, [Em] paved every pass,
pulled at your [F] sky till we caused it to [Am] rip.
But you’ve [F] got Jimi Hendrix so let’s call it [C] an even split.

[F] I’ve met a girl who has turned my whole world [C] upside down.
The [F] stars I once stretched for now [C] litter the ground.
[F] I am cursed by too little, or is [Em] too much belief,
in the [F] strength of another man’s [Am] words.
But [F] I’ve got a girl, [C] thank you Lord.

[F] Ahh [C] hh [F] ahh [C] hhh

[F] ahhh [C] hhhh [F] ahhh [C] hhh [F] [C] [F] [C]

[F] Here we all are at the start of another [C] thousand years.
[F] All those love stories [C] yet to be told.
[F] Ours is this river [Em] asleep at our feet,
[F] blessed by this wet autumn [Am] day.

[F] Here we all are… [NC]

[F] Ahhhh [C] hhhhh [F] ahhhhh [C] hhhhhhh

[F] ahhhhh [C] hhhhhhh [F] ahhhhh [C] hhhhhhh

Tabbed by bbkim

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