Upon Still Waters Guitar Tabs

Upon Still Waters
Michael Timmins

[A] (A curly blonde disaster
lying [E] out [A] there)

[D] He said “you make me feel
[F#] as desired as a crackling fire.”
[D] She said, “I saw a man out [F#] walking
upon still [D] waters… [A]

[A] (I want to lie beside you
in a [E] warm [A] bed,

feel your heart
beat in my [D] throat.)

…and no one stopped to [F#] stare.
[D] There he was, all alone,
out [F#m] walking upon still [D] waters.” [A]

[D] He said, “you can feel it fall,
[F#] all at once upon the land.”
[D] She said, “you don’t know what you’ve missed
until you’ve [F#] walked upon still [D] waters.” [A]

[A] (a curly blonde disaster)

Tabbed by Derrick: The solo is over the chorus chords, jumbled a bit, with a G# thrown in somewhere… just follow the bass line. The verse [A]’s sound good with the occasional sus2 or sus4 thrown in.

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