Where Are You Tonight Guitar Tabs

Where Are You Tonight?
Michael Timmins

There’s a [C] young man in the [Am] corner, playing [F] Crazy all night [C] long
quarters piled [F] high upon the [G] table.
He [C] orders Wild [Am] Turkey and with a [F] quick wit and a [C] smile
he says, My darling, you’re the [F] one I’ll drape in [G] sable.
But his [C] baseball cap and [Am] his barroom rap
Tell [F] me a different [C] story
that this is not my [F] prince to grant all [G] my wishes.
Just [C] another lonely [Am] country boy grown [F] weary of the [C] night.
Just another boy with a [F] sink full of [G] dirty dishes.

[Em] And where are you [Am] tonight?
When [Em] I left you in my [Am] dreams last night
[C] you promised me [Cmaj7] we would be breaking [F] free.
[Am7] Where are you [Am] tonight?

He [C] tells me of the [Am] back roads
and how [F] we’ll ride them all [C] night long
how the days will fade and the [F] moon will hang [G] forever
and how the [C] cloud of dust we’ll [Am] kick up will [F] linger like a [C] song
and the myth will grow
about the [F] two who refused to [G] surrender.
But as I [C] catch us in the [Am] barroom mirror
with his [F] arm around my [C] shoulder
this girl I see has [F] grown so unfam- [G] iliar
and as [C] she stands
[Am] to leave with a [F] stranger by her [C] side
she can’t help but laugh at [F] a life turned so [G] peculiar.

[Em] And where are you [Am] tonight? [Em]
I don’t think I can [Am] face tomorrow’s light
[C] not knowing if [Em] you’ll be there to [F] guide me
[Am7] Where are you [Am] tonight?

[Dm] And where are you [G] tonight?
I [C] think I can make it [Am] through all right.
But I’d [C] love to have you [Cmaj7] just one more time [F] beside me.

Tabbed by bbkim
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