Witches Guitar Tabs

Margo and Michael Timmins

[G] [C] [G]

There are [G] witches in the hills [C] calling my name
[C] saying come join us sister, [G] come kiss the flame.
Come dance in the moonbeams, [C] ride the night winds
make love to the darkness, [G] and laugh at man’s sins.

[D] I shiver with delight, I [C] shiver with fear
my heart wants to go, [G] but my soul’s filled with fear.
[Bm] So I turn to my lover and [C] ask what do I do
do I answer their call or [G] stay here with you. [F] [Am + G] [D] [C + G]

[G] But under spell of deep sleep he [C] moans and turns away
taking his protection and [G] my desire to stay.
[D] So I rise to the hills, I [Bm] ride the night winds
[C] I make love to the darkness [G] and I laugh at man’s sins. [F] [Am + G]

Arpeggios go something like this:

G chord

C chord

Tabbed by bbkim

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