Email recap on new music from the band

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is doing well. It looks like most of us are almost through this craziness of the past year. And it looks like we will be back on the road this Fall so keep your fingers crossed. For those of you in areas that are still in the thick of the battle, hold on and remain safe. Here is some music that we put together and released over the past year. These are only available digitally on most streaming and download sites. Enjoy….we hope that we see some of you soon.

Michael Timmins – Improvisations From the Between Time: Four long pieces of music created by Michael during the height of the first wave of the pandemic in Spring 2020. These are guitar improvisations played overtop of various musical loops created by Michael.

Margo Timmins – The Ty Tyrfu Sessions: Cover songs recorded by Margo and Jeff Bird a few years ago that are finally widely available.

Andy Maize and Michael Timmins – Townies (an audioplay): A song cycle written and recorded by Michael and Andy. An album born of bad hockey, Covid, Black Lives Matter and age. 

We have also uploaded (and are in the process of uploading) a lot of rare Cowboy Junkies albums on streaming and downloading sites, such as: Acoustic Junk; Waltz Across America; Live!; The Radio One Sessions; In the Time Before Llamas and more. So there is lots of music out there….enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. See you soon.

Margo, Mike, Pete and Al

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